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Heartburn: Indie Horror is a great fear for Windows Phone game inspired by the successful Slenderman games. Heartburn: Indie Horror is simple, but getting the essentials in a game of fear: terrorize you, even for an instant.

You are looking for the seven relics

Both the approach and the mechanics of heartburn: Indie Horror are well simple: you must recorrer a labyrinthine scenario in search of seven Deathly , priori, will help you to escape from it. And all of this is only equipped with a flashlight.

Heartburn: Indie Horror does not have more than a game mode, and once finish it always it will be the same, but well worth.

Affordable controls but without map

Controls of heartburn: Indie Horror are simple: with a finger to control the movement and another camera. At the beginning it may cost a little combine the two, but in a few minutes you'll have it dominated. Whenever you find a relic, touch it to pick it up.

The only thing that makes it a little difficult to control is the absence of map. As normal is that you throw you a while moving in circles.

Very successful experience

The strong point of heartburn: Indie Horror is the atmosphere. The 3D graphics are of a good quality for a game of this type.

The sound is the best. At the beginning you will only hear the echo of your footsteps, but to progress the music is becoming more grates and there comes a time where you're tense of truth. And you've yet to worst... you will not have to not ruin the game.

Get get really tense

Really heartburn: Indie Horror manages to get tense, and that is perhaps the biggest compliment that can throw the game. It is short, Yes, and little replayable, but heading that you take you're going to remember.

  • Get you pass through fear
  • Very successful ambiance
  • Good graphics
  • Surprise ending
  • A map is missing
  • Little replayable

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