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Although Age of Empires: Castle Siege appears to take its name from this classic series of strategy in real time, forget almost all the gameplay of its predecessor. More that recreate iconic and legendary battles in open spaces to the strategy, Castle Siege relies on building strengths while waiting to time pass and, from time to time, launching raids against other players or against the machine.

In fact, we have another clone of Clash of Clans as Kingdoms and Lords, but in this case, yes you can say is well done.

Build your Empire

Starting to play Age of Empires: Castle Siege, the first thing that draws attention is that troops are based on actual armies. There are six groups to choose, of Britons to Saracens, each of them with its own heroes, soldiers and appearance.

After you select your army, you begin to build your Castle. As in the majority of games based on time, it is important to build the right buildings to increase your expansion options.

The King is dead, long live the King

Clash of Castles, Boom Seige, or Age of Farms, doesn't really matter how you call it: the basic mechanics of construction of Age of Empires: Castle Siege will sound you the majority of players. You develop your small Empire from scratch, after you create your infrastructure, train your army and build up supplies.

The bottleneck is in the timers and the limits of supplies, which are a real brake on the expansion (unless you want to spend real money via micropayments). Improve and build structures allows access to space and additional benefits, but the only thing remarkable is the possibility of expanding more. It is a cyclic process in which the goal is to grow to grow.

Constructs, attacks, press and repeat

Even the other mechanical main of the game, attacking castles, is intended to expand.You'll be as accumulating wood to build arches, improving range to buy crossbows and, ultimately, taking troops to battle to get more wood and again, create more troops.

Luckily, the battles are fun, especially in the ten bells. Manage your troops is vital, as well as use the appropriate tactics. An example: If you have your archers after your first units, will be able to put an end to chivalry cautious. It runs like crazy and the result will be very different.

What is perfect in this mode is that, although it can be improved rapidly buying coins from the game, the army always remains the same. In this way, what really matters is your ability and not your wallet.

All the King's horses, all the King's men

Each army has its own style and appearance.Although all troops from afar look the same, heroes and special units have a flavor characteristic that distinguishes them, both in appearance and abilities.

The variety applies also to the kingdoms and Castle. My Teutons, for example, spent most of the time covered by the snow and build wooden buildings. The Saracens, on the other hand, lived in stone castles built in Golden deserts.

Another Member of the same rank

Age of Empires: Castle Siege is just another of the many classics turned into games social free-to-play of time management. It has some remarkable features but it is likely that you've played games with similar mechanical thousand times

Anyway, if you're a big fan of the Byzantine Empire or of the Age of Empires franchise, you will find yourself with mechanical accomplished and with a well managed campaign mode.It may be sufficient that you like (if that she has not already played too many similar games).

  • Armies of the real world with special touches
  • The important battles have good elements of strategy
  • Great campaign missions
  • Another game of time management
  • Very basic at short distances
  • Barriers of time and constant payments

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