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Music Downloader WP8 is an application for Windows Phone that allows you to listen to and download music of different styles and artists. Despite not possessing a range as broad as Spotify, Deezer or similar, Music Downloader WP8 thrives on Soundcloud and meets his work: access to music from the phone.

The catalogue of Soundcloud in your phone

Music Downloader WP8 has a catalog of music (imported from Soundcloud) that includes hits from artists such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Lana del Rey, Pitbull and other stars in the pop firmament. Music Downloader WP8 you will find also ancient music and something less well known, although there is much trash and apocryphal versions of dubious quality.

The content of Music Downloader WP8 is organized in the following way: by styles and searches. The list of styles is quite wide, although the content is not always corresponds to 100%. If you prefer, you can search directly by name of artist, song or album.

Once you're playing a song, Music Downloader WP8 offers the option to download it to your phone or add it to a playlist. You can also limit yourself to follow it listening to streaming, even if you block your phone, Music Downloader WP8 works in the background.

It's easy: search, listen and download (if you want)

Music Downloader WP8 makes it really easy, and that is perhaps the greatest virtue of the application. The only thing you have to do to start listening to music is an artist (or a category) and select what you want listen to.

The menus are clear and accessible, and it is very easy to find something to listen to. In addition, in our tests the quality both playback and connection to Soundcloud has scratched perfection: hear well and uncut.

Put some glue, it should be said that the importation of miniatures is rather poor, and when the player is displayed full-screen that looks like a festival of blurry pixels. In addition, Music Downloader WP8 does not have any configuration option, which is always something desirable in that it includes.

Music to carry

Do you want music on your Windows Phone and don't mind that there are songs that are not? Then Music Downloader WP8 is a very good choice, because it simplifies to the maximum the process of search, listen and download. If you are looking for more complete and with a broader catalog apps, then try with Spotify, Deezer, Mixradio or Nokia Music.

  • Very easy to use
  • It allows you to download songs
  • It allows you to create playlists
  • Good playback quality
  • It works in the background
  • Limited in some cases catalog
  • Very low quality song
  • Setup menu is not available
  • Quality of the miniatures of the discs

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