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Angry Birds Epic becomes the most popular in a medieval combat RPG game of birds. Is an interesting starting point trat but really brings something new to one genre rather than overcrowded?

Catapults to swords

Angry Birds is a franchise more elastic than rubber of a catapult. What started with a very basic game of flying birds with the original Angry Birds , became more complex with Six-guns, Birds and Angry Birds Star Wars.

But Rovio wants to further expand its horizons diversifying in other genres. It began with karts game Angry Birds Go! and, now, with Angry Birds Epic, the characters travel to the world of fighting turn-based RPG.

Final Fantasy with feathers

Angry Birds Epic, you control the famous birds, which must confront the unpleasant little pigs in an adventure of medieval dyes.

To advance in Angry Birds Epic you need to equip yourself with potecciones and weapons, use magic potions and advance your bird to make it a total Warrior. There is a building system, through which you can create weapons and armor with items that you collect during the game. There are also sections where you can develop Vicens and various concoctions to stop your opponents. You must try to improve your characters as you play.

The Angry Birds Epic fights are turn-based, with a dynamic similar to games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, or Pokemon. Thus, only a character can act at the same time, either by attacking, defending, using special powers, potions, etc.

Battles game mechanic is fun, but I think that you could have paid more attention to the history of the game. This initial version of Angry Birds Epic gives the impression of being a succession of battles, glued with each other to build a story, more than an adventure with a complex plot that must fight for its continuation.

Without a doubt, the moment arrives in that repeating levels is necessary in order to move forward and have the necessary elements to create elements, combining health potions or manufacture armor strong enough to cope with an increasingly evil and angry opposition.

Currently there are no modes multijudador in Angry Birds Epic and rare in a game from Rovio, nor integration with Facebook and social networks. However, we hope that they add when it is published around the world.

Is it easy to play?

If you haven't played before games, RPG, turn-based, Angry Birds Epic may be a good place to start. The aprendiaje curve is subtle and can use the first levels to get controls and how to play, without too much risk of dying.

Angry Birds Epic actions are explained through icons explaining what to do. They are used for everything from fighting to manufacture items or buy at the store.

Medieval violence

Angry Birds Epic is on the quality of the seal line Angry Birds: good graphics, humor, and touches of madness. The characters are integrated perfectly in the medieval atmosphere, with personalities that appear under its appearance and clothing of the time. Most of your favorite Angry Birds birds mostly pigs overlook, in addition to many new characters.

The grunts, giggles and groans of the pigs and birds that are heard in combat are reminiscent of previous games of Angry Birds. This you will like or will make you rage (depending on what I think of them).

The true fans of Angry Birds will be happy to know that includes a section of film, where you can see the latest movies of animation with the Angry Birds and others as protagonists.

A change of feathers

The authentic turn-based RPG games fans will see Angry Birds Epic a bit too simple, shallow as adventure. Fans of Rovio birds have, however, a refreshing and new setting in which to enjoy their favorite characters.

  • Fun presentation
  • Easy to handle combat system
  • Many weapons, potions, etc.
  • Feeling a hundred by hundred Angry Birds
  • Without online multiplayer mode
  • The story isn't too elaborate

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