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They the most famous birds of the world are back in Angry Birds Space, a game that retains the original game mechanics but adds a new element: outer space.

Angry Birds Space objective remains the same: uses a catapult to launch into some nice birds and pigs end level after level.

What is the difference? Being located in the space makes the way of moving birds totally different in Angry Birds Space.Forget about the physics of the Earth, because space must take into account the gravity (or the absence of it).

Angry Birds Space bring 60 levels (15 in the demo), new birds , and the essence intact. Both music as scenarios and animations are still breathing that air that has managed to engage millions of users around the world.

Don't you know Angry Birds? So take advantage and after trying Angry Birds Space, go off to play Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons.

  • Space physics
  • 60 levels of game (15 in the demo)
  • New birds
  • It maintains the essence
  • Extremely addictive
  • Nothing remarkable

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Angry Birds Space reviews


the best the angry birds: angry birs is impressive because come 10 planets different coming 30 levels in each and by the power of gravity to when not they in the ozone in gravity 0 and when if there is gravity


For the disappointed...: For the disappointed remember you that version is test or demo is not free, and thus to keep playing you have to buy the game, as I repeat is not free, that sends you to the store. Read well before you criticize.

lenin 95

This cool!: This game is one of the most chidos I recommend this < taglink type = "program" country = "" id = "45973" > I recommend super < /taglink > will desaburrir a good time


Excellent: excellent I encantoooo always wanted to have this game as I met mobile now in my easy-to-download pc not miss it


Finally sent them into space xd!: Good came out finally AB Space looks very entertaining as the other 3 AB earlier... already 1 week will come out "keys".. .that I think xd!


the game is good re!: the game is great, too bad that it brings only 15 levels have to buy it... but that doesn't make it worse...


Disappointed: Don't understand why when I have come to a certain not very advanced level it does not allow me to continue if not I buy in the store because no is that balls to key ask me, what a shit!


Perfect: The game is great! Levels, new birds,... EVERYTHING! The only thing missing is the Key...But otherwise it's great.

marioo 3

This cool game: Hello I just wanted them to ask how or where can I get a key that asks me on the level 1 box 16: $ esque I can not move forward without that key! Please help! Thank you all! PD: very good game... This great!


Misunderstanding: Tecnologomb, says & quot;Angry Birds Space bring 60 levels (demo 15) & quot; and what you are downloading is, precisely, the demo.


Bad site for Angry Birds Space.: For my Angry Birds Space it's a great game, but my opinion is bad because ROVIO S.L. only offers a Demo of 4 levels by world. If you want to download Sngry Birds Space seek a page offering you the full version

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