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The most famous of the world birds are back in Angry Birds Space, a game that retains the original game mechanics but adds a new element: outer space.

The goal in Angry Birds Space remains the same: uses a catapult to launch some friendly sparrows and ending a few pigs level after level.

What is the difference? Being located in the space makes the way of moving birds totally different in Angry Birds Space. Forget about the physics of the Earth, because space must take into account the gravity (or the absence of it).

Angry Birds Space bring 300 levels, new birds and the essence intact. Both the music and the scenarios and animations are still breathing that air that has managed to engage millions of users around the world.

Do not you know Angry Birds? Take advantage and after trying Angry Birds Space, go off to play the original.

  • Space physics
  • 300 levels of play
  • New birds
  • It maintains the essence
  • Extremely addictive
  • Nothing remarkable

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Angry Birds
Angry Birds

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Funny grumpy birds wanting to destruction

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