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Asphalt Overdrive is a racing game without end derived from the popular series Asphalt.

The Asphalt series takes a break

If you're a fan of the Asphalt series, not you emotions much, Overdrive game style is completely different from what you are accustomed. And make no mistake, it is not Aphalt 9. In fact, it seems more Gameloft games my favorite villain: Minion Rush or Spider-Man Unlimited.

On the road

You get behind the wheel and you have to escape from the policemen, who get to at some point. Asphalt Overdrive has a vertical three-lane format where you have to make your way by traffic, jumping and set aside cars while you're going to advance. There are many different types of racing (chases, stunts, destruction, racing boss, etc.) and various stimulants to win.

Like many games of this type, Asphalt Overdrive has a power system where you have a limited number of races. Then you have to wait a while or pay. You must also return to play at past levels to earn more stars to be able to progress.

While you will advance in Asphalt Overdrive you will be forced to improve your car and buy new with the currency of the game, you earn with the challenges. There are many classics of the 80 available and unlock them is fun.

Asphalt Overdrive has social modes that are great and include the option to create bands with friends and complete challenges against gangs enemy.

Well controlled

Asphalt Overdrive controls are very simple and even if you are very bad in this type of games, sure it will be easy. You only have to slide to left and right to change lanes, up ramps and steer for ramps where you like to shoot in the air.

There are also some tactical/strategic elements in Asphalt Overdrive. You must choose stimulants properly before starting the course, since some will be more appropriate than others in every kind of race.

Back to the 80s

The presentation of Asphalt Overdrive follows the usual high standards of Gameloft. The game sits in the 1980s and already you can see only with the menus of neon, the music of the time and, of course, the type of car. Everything looks good, but I think that it could have gone beyond 80s-themed to give a touch more of the time, as with GTA Vice City.

Annoying but fun

If don't mind repeating levels, waiting between races so that it loads and have to wait / pay, Asphalt Overdrive is great fun. It is true that it is not a traditional driving simulator and Asphalt purists may not like them. But you learn easily and is a great distraction when you are going by bus or wait for someone.

  • Simple controls
  • Fun
  • Competitive social modes
  • Many cars
  • The wait / pay won't all
  • It may intensify the theme of 1980s
  • It takes to charge between races

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