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Atresplayer is the official application of the Atresmedia group, which includes TV channels (Antena 3, La Sexta, Neox, Nova, Xplora) and radio (Onda Cero, Europa FM). With Atresplayer you can watch content directly from your phone or tablet, as well as a very extensive collection of content a la carte. All this with a generally outstanding, although variable quality.

Television and radio, live and à la carte

Atresplayer for viewing television. Programs, series, sports, documentaries, news, drawings... all contents of the channels of the Atresmedia group are available through the app, whether current or former (see legendary guard pharmacy). Also provides access to the stations of the group, Onda Cero and Europa FM, but surely you use it more to watch TV.

With Atresplayer you can see live shows and play back content a la carte. All of them are perfectly organized and listed on the main menu. For live content, Atresplayer offers a convenient schedule with future emissions.

Excellent quality, although variable

Both the appearance and the functioning of the app in general is pretty good. Navigation is smooth and comfortable, and all the contents are properly indexed and show a screenshot of attractive screen and information about the content in question. That Yes, in comparison with the version of Android is we hung more often and has given us some performance problems.

The Search menu works correctly.

The issue of the quality of reproduction depends on the connection. Obviously looks much better on the big screen of an iPad than on an iPhone, but the quality is usually very high.

So, on issues of quality, much depend on the device you use and Internet access. Not saying that you try to always connect with WiFi, otherwise data bleeding can be Championship.

Is it advisable to register? And become Premium?

Yes. It should be. It costs nothing to (put four data and email) and has some advantages, priori: playback in HD, original version, possibility to create playlists and download programs to view them offline. The latter is paid and must be done from the web.

When you register, you can access (from the web) your personal data, your history of reproductions and your paid content downloads.

Atresplayer also has a premium version that, for €2.69 a month, gives you access to all the content, without any limits.

An excellent application

The final printing of Atresplayer is extremely positive. It shows the effort that the Group Atresmedia in increase, both supply and quality, its catalog of digital services.

Atresplayer works well (even worse than on Android), offers access to a huge number of programs, series, television news and documentaries; It is very nice to use and much expands the possibilities when it comes to enjoy the contents of Antena 3, La Sexta and company.

  • Excellent playback quality
  • Very extensive catalogue
  • Direct and à la carte
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Register free and in a few steps
  • Variable quality
  • Limitations on the web version
  • High consumption of data. Always use WiFi
  • Some performance problems

Atresplayer screenshots and videos

Atresplayer reviews


A disappointment: There is no day that there are no problems, be for or aborts the display. Continually ad non-stop interrupting. I was much more satisfied with the way Salon.


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