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Bing Weather, or the time of Bing in Spanish, is the official Microsoft application for meteorological information and know what the weather will do in your city or in a place that you go to travel soon.

With Bing Weather get varied information to view several days, hours and complementary data with the help of weather maps.

In addition, Bing Weather lets you save several places to access them directly, even if the search engine is very practical and shows almost anywhere.

A weather station

Today, applications of meteorology are very complete, with information very varied and extensive that to know the time of a space at a specific time. In addition, with the help of the maps you have more data to get the idea and venture out to your own prediction.

Bing Weather allows you to see the temperature of the day, the night, chill, humidity, speed and wind direction. You can also access the forecast for the next days, hour-by-hour forecast and maps of temperature or rainfall, among other data.

At a glance

Bing Weather stands out for its design, very clear and graphic, with animations of weather forecasting and very realistic maps. In addition, the information is read quickly and menus are easily accessible.

Consult before leaving home

If you have to travel or want to know if leaving home with umbrella or jacket, Bing Weather will be very useful, very complete information, a huge selection of cities and graphics with those who know practically any meteorological aspect of your interest.

  • Official iPhone app
  • Good design
  • Forecast of the week
  • Various maps
  • Forecast for hours and days
  • Search for places
  • Some features not available in certain regions

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