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Do you remember beat'em up classics such as Final Fight or Double Dragon? Brotherhood of Violence is a semi-3D action game that recovers the spirit and added a technical luxury section so that you can enjoy in Windows Phone 8.

Various modes and fighting styles

Brotherhood of Violence is a fighting game that puts you in the shoes up to 12 different fighters, con 5 different fighting styles: boxing, Muay thai, Feral, Kung Fu and Karate. From the Setup menu, you can edit the appearance of your fighter to detail.

Story mode You will advance in level after level (of a total of 30) based on partitioning estopa among staff. There are a total of 400 different adversaries. Sometimes you will face only against one, but to progress will last up to 5 fighters on-screen brawls.

In addition to the main story mode, there is a Challenge mode, with three types of challenges: Hitman, Battle Royale , and Survival. The truth is that everyone will more or less of the same: fill up a few more enemies better.

Controls are not at the height

Amazing graphics, a story that does not seem to be a game for mobile phone... everything looks excellent. Until the time comes to play. Without wanting to be too critical, say that lI Brotherhood of Violence controls do not accompany the rest of the game.

The main problem is the 3-dimensional management: to begin with, are not 3D, but semi-3D. I.e., the scroll is horizontal, but we can move to the bottom of the screen. This effect is not very achieved, and often one is located with their backs to the enemy or in a different plane.

What is not bad is the variety of actions to carry out and the facility to do so. Through a sere of buttons located on the right side of the screen you can hit, cover, jump, pick up objects and perform counter attacks.

Finally, note that Brotherhood of Violence keep account with a set difficulty that makes the tension of the story at all times and you have to use thoroughly at appropriate times.

Technical superb

The technical section of Brotherhood of Violence is amazing. Both the design of the characters and the shadows, lighting and animations are impressed from the outset.

Music, although perhaps not at the height of the graphic, accompanies very well the action and the sound effects are more than notable.

In general, Brotherhood of Violence seems a game for more than a game to mobile phone. Games like this make one think of the possibilities offered by mobile phones in this sense.

Brotherhood of Violenceno has a very elaborate history, but yes it is true that he manages to keep the attention with the cinematics from level to level.

If improved controls...

After take a few games to Brotherhood of Violence one is left with the feeling that if had attentive more to perfect controls and a little less on the technical side, it would result in the best action game for Windows Phone.

That said, Brotherhood of Violence is from those games that teach out there and everyone is left with their mouths open.

  • Amazing graphics
  • Variety of wrestlers
  • Editor of fighters
  • Several game modes
  • Little precise controls
  • Something repetitive
  • It has no multiplayer

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