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Camera360 is an application of photography that should not miss on your Windows Phone 8, because it gives a new dimension to the already on its fantastic camera that often carry the most devices with Windows Phone 8. Camera360 allows you to add real time effects, retouch images, and organize your photos in an attractive manner and, above all, very functional.

Effects, frames and shooting settings

Camera360 replaces the camera application that brings the default Windows Phone 8 and adds many features.

From the menu in the form of wheel Camera360 have access to 6 preset picture modes: Auto, portrait, scenery, food, night and Microspur. You also have access to the flash control, change of camera (front and back) and white balance.

But that is not all, since from the main menu you can apply up to 6 frames and a total of 23 effects. These effects and frames are applied in real time, i.e., before shooting the photo already you can see will look like.

In addition, Camera360 ordered the photographs that you have saved on your phone in a very original way, as if it were a calendar. From there, you can access any photo and edit it to your liking.

Finally, Camera360 offers the possibility of sharing your photos via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, etc...) and customize the message.

Wheel of menus like digital cameras

Camera360 menu wheel is reminiscent of the wheels of digital cameras, which gives access to the various shooting modes. It is very practical, although sometimes it cost a bit to move it with your finger.

Moreover, Camera360 is a great example of usability. All menus are in the main screen and do not offer any complications.

Quality results

Camera360 works very well and the results you get are great. A real joy is to see how the effects applied to the image before firing the camera will be.

The only thing missing is that does not support video.

An essential application

Camera360 is, in our view, an essential application for Windows Phone 8. Nice, works well and offers many possibilities to take photos and edit them. The only reason why not you must banish forever the native camera application is that Camera360 no video recording. Furthermore, a 10.

  • Convenient handling
  • Real time effects
  • Fashion show Gallery
  • Variety of filters and frames
  • It is hard to hit with the wheel
  • Not recording video

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