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Climatology is the new application from Microsoft designed to provide information about the climate in several countries in all the months of the year.

Do the weather there?

Climatology measured daily temperatures, days of rain and humidity in countries around the world every month of the year. Map data are visually represented and, below, a small scale shows the exact data. You can share the information you get via e-mail or on social networks, or save them on note-taking, such as OneNote applications.

This application has limited data of countries of some areas and information offered in Africa is particularly sparse. But, as Microsoft stated in the description of the app, it is true that covers Kazakhstan. It also does not provide any real time information, not even data on the time over the past year; everything is limited to predictions. The data from the Microsoft Project FetchClimate, a free data cloud recovery service.

In addition, only searches can be made by country, not by city, and do not have any GPS or depending on location. And, what is very rare when it comes from an American company, the temperature is displayed only at Celsius, not in Fahrenheit.

Extremely slow

This application is simple to use, since you only have to choose between four options to choose the desired size or press the screen size to expand your location with the zoom.

The zoom function is tosca and not very agile. In fact, the entire application is quite slow. Only works with Android 4.4 or higher, although Microsoft says that it is working to expand the coverage and add features.

Climatology can give problems when moving around the map and has rudimentary graphics.

Much to improve

Although Climatology can offer useful information, is not especially innovative, and tends to be inaccurate now, do a quick search on Google will surely make more comfortable and fast. Microsoft strives to point out that this application is in experimental phase and it will add enhancements and features in the future. Taking into account the current state of the application, the company it needs to be done.

  • Simple concept
  • You can share by email and social networks
  • Extremely slow
  • Incomplete data
  • Basic functions
  • Poor-quality graphics

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