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To know how a Word is written or what means in Spanish, have the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, which for years has been only available on paper but which currently is accessible from the web and from any devices, as Windows Phone.

With dictionary of the language, you will have access to the contents of the dictionary from Windows Phone 8 and thus easily, find words in addition to amended articles and conjugations.

Of the web to Windows Phone

Dictionary of the language is basically a version adapted to Windows Phone in the web page of the DRAE. In this sense, its appearance will remind you to the portal of the HKSAR but adapted to the size of screen of Windows Phone.

For starters, you can search and find all the Spanish words included in the SAR, including the most recent ones because the search is performed online.

On the other hand, you can share a word entry via social networks, as well as see information related to amended articles and of any verb conjugations .

Finally, in addition to writing the search options you can dictate the query using the Windows Phone voice recognition technology.

Academic minimalism

As in the case of the official website of the DRAE, and mobile versions for other platforms, this version of the dictionary of the language for Windows Phone offers a parco and minimalist design, limited to the search box and results blank panel. In this sense, the design facilitates search and the reading of inputs.

Learn the language

The dictionary of the language is an essential application to learn more about the Spanish language, learning new words and know how it is written or what they mean, among other things.

We miss other options, such as Search in other dictionaries and bibliographical resources of the SAR. However, the official dictionary is well moved to Windows Phone.

  • Official version
  • Immediate results
  • Amended articles
  • Verb conjugations
  • Without access to other advanced options

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The dictionary of the RAE and the Panhispanic, all-in-one

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