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Two cars, a circuit and your skill with the steering wheel and the gearshift; These are the premises of Drag Racing, a racing game different from the usual.

Racing in a straight line

In Drag Racing, just a competitor. The circuits are straight and the secret is to combine a good acceleration with change gear at the right time. If you do well, you will win.

As you win races, Drag Racing gives you points to improve your car or even buy a new from the dealer of the game. In total, there are more than 50 real models to choose.

To add, its multiplayer mode, where you can drive for up to nine players, be they friends or strangers.

Accuracy is the secret

The Drag Racing controls are very simple. Handle them accurately is the secret, and to facilitate this, the game responds quickly and properly.

Good graphics, real cars and addiction

Drag Racing could be a mediocre game. However, its graphic quality, the variety of cars and, above all, its fluidity of management make it a very fun and addicting game.

A successful Android, now on Windows Phone

Mode for singleplayer, multiplayer, four levels of difficulty and original gameplay and addictive make Drag Racing a good entertainment for your free time.

Already became a phenomenon for Android, it remains to be seen until done comes in Windows Phone.

  • Several game modes
  • Unlike the usual cars game
  • Many car models available
  • Simple but addictive
  • Somewhat repetitive gameplay

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Top Truck Free

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It accelerates and crushes everything you pilles ahead

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