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If you dream of being Daenerys Targaryen's game of Thrones and having your own dragons, Dragon Legends Mania is your game. Become a master of the breeding of these creatures and train them to become powerful Warriors.

The Lord of the Dragons

Dragon Legends Mania makes you the master and Lord of a beautiful natural paradise. In it, start your colony of dragons that you leisure and train to become battle machines.

You must build habitatsfor breeding dragons. Each habitat used to be living a type of Dragons (fire, Earth, water,...) as well as to make it happen and have offspring. Based on matching dragons get hybrid types and unlocks new races to increase your collection.

The dragons are born small and powerless, but thanks to the training and, above all, a good diet, you'll soon have adult and strong creatures. In addition to the habitats, the other key aspect of construction in Dragon Legends Manía are farms.

As games like Clash of Clans resource centres, farms of Dragon Mania Legends are buildings that generate food, the "fuel" of your dragons. Thus, with fed dragons because you can aspire to the following, take them to the battlefield.

To fight... and win!

The battles of Dragon Legends Mania much resemble the other games fighting turn-based: you select a type of attack or power, you choose the target and loose action hoping to make the most possible damage to the enemy.

This passive system makes that the difficulty of these battles is not in the fight itself, if not in the previous planning : study what dragons are best suited to fight the enemy on duty as well as enhance their skills managing currencies and points that you earn.

As in other similar games, Dragon Mania Legends you can fight against the machine following a series of missions or fight against other users. In both cases you will get coins and other resources to improve your dragons.

Thanks that in Dragon Mania Legends, despite having enough options - breeding, combat online and against the machine, missions...-everything is quite simplified and easy to learn to play.

A few beautiful Dragons but no personality

It shows Dragon Mania Legends behind a study of popularity as Gameloft. The graphics and sound of the game are quality and have good finishes. However, there is nothing that particularly stands out in its design.

Perhaps the problem is that so much there is saturation of resources management and strategy games that a design has to be very innovative so it calls us attention, something that does not happen with DragonMania Legends. In fact, when you play it you'll be constantly thinking of Dragon City, much like game and whose dragons breathe more charisma than the game from Gameloft.

Have fun without surprises

Dragon Legends Mania is an entertaining game thanks to its variety of options and a game mechanic that hooked - don't like who win fights?. The problem is that to play it all you will sound of having seen him before: as the game resource management there is a much more complete titles and as battles between dragons game already have other largely recognized as Dragon City of Social Point, that also you can play on Facebook.

Dragon Legends Mania you will succeed if you uncheck a little competition offering unique features and improving its design, by now pretty but very little original.

  • Variety of dragons
  • Simplicity despite their options
  • Little innovation
  • A little soda aesthetics

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