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Dropbox is the ideal tool if you work with documents in multiple computers at the same time.

Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, and accessible directly from the file Explorer and web browser, Dropbox offers you Up to 2 GB free space on the Internet so you upload all kinds of files, whether songs, photos, videos, or text documents.

With Dropbox you will be very easy to share files on multiple computers, since when you add a new one, this will sync automatically with your Dropbox account.

Dropbox allows you to share content with your friends, thanks to the public folder, as well as select which subfolders you want to synchronize and which are not.

Improvements to Dropbox

Dropbox Folder Sync: choose which folder synchronize.Dropbox Screen Grabber: screen shots to share.Dropbox Shell Tools: shortcut for the context menu.Dropboxifier: synchronize data of your programs.

  • 2GB of free space
  • Very easy to use
  • Accessible from any OS and Web
  • Synchronize the folders you choose
  • History of files uploaded and downloaded
  • Instant and automatic synchronization
  • The speed depends on your connection
  • Does not indicate the speed when you synchronize

Dropbox screenshots and videos

Dropbox reviews


Simple and powerful: It is excellent and does what it promises, without useless added functions.


I'm going to provide perhaps if it is as it says: Okay! the orovare that many times the program you see ousted


fast, simple and reliable: It is excellent for my work to transfer some files and notes


Memory power!: The best way to avoid saturating your mobile and have more than 2GB storage, no doubt a success.


A medal for programmers: Also anyone who has studied programming or understand how a program will know that this has been created with a huge behind work is created and is not free to do so and offer this free seems admirable and to thank the entire team.


More simple, dynamic and stable cloud storage server: It is the server in the cloud to store data more efficient, simple, dynamic, attractive and stable


Excellent acting, in gigabytes.: The most complete and most used cloud storage. It outperforms any more.


Without a doubt, better than Skydrive, simple to use: to my love, I try to use Skydrive, but could not move many files, but with drodpox, I've not had need to load of memories, I have images and books without problems always where East the internet, never has caused me problems, 100% recommended!


Thank you for the 2 gigas: Cost 2 gigas in the network economy is very high to offer them so unrestricted that anyone who wants to acquire that space is admirable and it should thank instead of complaining


: I'm testing it and it seems to me that I will give good results. Subiria what I need for my work immediately, but what could lose (lease Megaupload) the resguardaria otherwise.


: Works fine, could leave 4shared is a disaster. What I don't like is that he causes me weight on the pc. And my question if you miss something to my pc, lose everything? or installing new Droopbox there I find it?


More fast and compatible with any system, it fails only space.: So far was a fan of Skydrive easy use, its integration with Windows8, from the mobile tablet... But one day (for reasons of studies) I used Ubuntu... Skydrive is over, they left me an old computer, with Windows XP and goodbye to Skydrive. Looking for tachaaaaan! I found Dropbox. compatible with all systems. You can also modify the bandwidth for synchronization which waaaaay makes it more quickly than skydrive (and if you have to download many things it shows). Only cons are their 2 GB that can increase with your friends plan (but I'm not very sociable). So it is simply the best.


It meets its target.: The amount of storage is not as large as & quot; other & quot; but it is not enough. It is not difficult to install and being cross-platform fully meets its target.


Dropbox... the best of its kind.:


This is not the version 1.4.8, but the 1.4.7.: The version that you have put here is not the 1.4.8, but the 1.4.7. Please correct this error. A greeting.

Scary mooving

Very fast and super stable.:


The best thing I know: Perfect, nothing to object, only its price when you need more than 2 Gb, the price of $10 a month for 50 Gb is overdone, so I'm looking for other alternatives cheaper


What is it?: It is a kind of skydrive, is a folder installed on your computer that automatically loads it contains without having to connect to any site, does not serve to work several people unless permitted by the document and most is not so.


Delete and change of name: To my work for me'... couldn't erase the indelible... or change of name... that I didn't know before.

pablitoel duro

importance of dopbox: This program is very important because it allows you to save files in a place segur and free of viruses and other virtual problems


Very good: We are using it in class and has solved us life, truth is more than recommended. the storage is good and there is a moderator to control is quite curious


There are files that do not end up never synchronize...: There were only a few to share the memory not is full, do anyway and nothing... not loaded and I'm a little bit tired...


low memory: I honestly believe that dropbox offers little storage space. I think that should change its storage, and increase it minimum to 5 GB.


Dropbox: Synchronize, share, it supports.: Dropbox was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi and is experiencing significant growth since he in 2008 left the first public version. It is a system that allows you to synchronize data between several computers (either Linux, MacOS or Windows), share files with your friends (or the world!) and back up online with a maximum capacity for the free account of 2 GB, expandable if your friends accept your invitation to use Dropbox. You can enjoy these services using the desktop application, which creates the 'My Dropbox' folder on your computer and which will serve as a link with what is called today 'the cloud'. Inside this folder you will find the subdirectories 'Photos' and 'Public' which serve to place files to share, while the rest of the directories that you are creating and any file contained in the root of the directory DropBox are private. If you decide to share a folder between Dropbox users, you must indicate your friends/colleagues email addresses so that they receive the corresponding invitation. Once accepted these friends can add/modify/delete shared files and the system will sync them automatically, even can recover deleted or previous versions because you will have a record of a month in the free version. This synchronization and recovery ability called it LAN Sync. If you want to share a file with everyone, even with people who don't use Dropbox, you should place it in the folder 'Public' and then choose 'Copy Public Link' option on the file menu. You can then paste this link in an email, post, etc. so be who wants to download. The photo folder works through galleries. Create a folder in 'Photos' whose name is also the name of the gallery and add images. Enter this folder and select from the menu of options 'Gallery View', so a link to the Web Gallery is generated so that everyone can see and download those images. DropBox also allows those who work individually start a job on a PC and be able to update it for example from a mobile device while in the Bahamas. Place files in this case means the third feature of DropBox, since a backup copy of all data is performed automatically. Regarding safety, all transmissions use a SSL encrypted channel and saved data in the remote Amazon S3 servers are encrypted, and if we are talking about privacy, in the DropBox Web tell us that no one unauthorized can access your data, and that only you are responsible for what they put on the 'Checkout'.


Essential: Some time ago it was around me the idea of how to safeguard my data if, for example, a fire in the House, where the backup copies would also be grass of the flames. Thanks to Softonic, I found this great application that solved me my problem. Install it and surprise!. It is cross-platform, i.e. I access from any computer, smartphone, tablet, pda or similar. With this I get to wear all my documentation in your pocket. Another positive point. Super. But I also modify any document and is updated in real time. If at that time I don't have internet access, it will synchronize when you have it. And if all this out, via the web has little history of modification of data with which you can retrieve a file, for example, you deleted by mistake. The only caution that I think it should be with this application is to apply a strong password.


: My opinion is very good about this program, I use it both for the working class. My problem esque need to create another Dropbox folder to share it with other people, but I can not open other Dropbox account, even with another e-mail account. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.


Still the best but with a detected failure: As I mentioned in my previous opinion is the best of However this type of applications,'ve found you a small bug: when creating Zip files rather major failure during the creation process. This problem can be solved easily creating the file to another folder and then moving to the DropBox folder. The problem is related with the bandwidth of the connection so that if you have good network bandwidth do not think that it appears you or to appear you for larger files.


Another option : It seems to me very good ubuntu one also is cross-platform and has 5 gb free very easy to install.

Vino Tinto

The speed depends on your connection.: Better to be Mega Upl Depo user and others with more capacity and same speed to the end everything is according to your connection. BETTER NOT...


Simply perfect!: I'm not that give 10s as well as well, but this program really think that reach perfection in its field. Highlight: although it has not reached me never catch the total possible bandwidth (was 60-70%), nor was a problem: works in the background, so not you realize it, and can turn off the computer as because it will continue to rise / going down when you get it on the way to check if you have modified a file to upload only changed data, or check if that file already another user got it to not return to top, it is simply perfect. It gives 2 GB for free, but you can increase 1 GB more if you do a series of tasks (publish on facebook, twitter, etc.). If you are a University (you have to enter your mail at your University), double you the amount of space received by each & quot; referral & quot; and you can get to have 16 GB. Excellent system of & quot; sharing between friends & quot; or create a & quot; link public & quot; a file of yours.


The best: Dropbox is a great tool for storing files online that allows you to store up to 2GB and share information with your friends. For me it is much better to Skydrive


One of the best: Dropbox if you allow to see your speed of transfer. When you are synchronizing something leave the cursor over the icon in the task bar and it will show you the details. Otherwise it is a program series for the groups U work.

perico jimenez

Very good application to store online: I was reluctant in this leave cloud files, so the security, but it has password to make so more difficult that can view your files. You can even share your MB with another person, and so have more MB online; your files are always safe.


It's best to always keep your data in any place: DropBox allows you to synchronize up to 2GB for free data between multiple computers and the web. Best of all is the simplicity of the program and ease to synchronize your data. Nothing to do with the hotmail SkyDrive... with DropBox is It makes everything from a folder on your hard disk or if you prefer from the internet if you are not in your personal computer. In addition it is very easy to expand the capacity of storage up to 10GB for free only using references (referrals). If you decide to install DropBox use a referral, since you ganareis 250MB additional automatically. And for each to consigais 250 additional MB. If you want to use one here goes mine: To enjoy the program!


More recommended: Dropbox wins for its ease of use, storage and sharing of data. For this reason, it has a great advantage on Skydrive.


Invitations...: There will a referal, to where you want it to use: https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTc1Nzk1NzQ5 remember to win 250 Megs extra to give you high, you must register your own web panel and fill 4 or 5 steps of touring features that you will show. The truth is that I have it installed on a mac, linux and windows at the same time and going Pearl, preferred.


excellent program:


Very useful: Forget about losing your files because it has burned you computer. It is true that you only have 2 GB of online space, but for text files and things so little size is very useful. forget about saving movies or big things. But come on, a very good program and easy to use


Very good DROPBOX: I feel safe working and know that my information is backing up and I will not have problems...Not bad!!!


Spectacular!: If you sign up through this link (or using any other referral), grant you 250 Mb more space free! https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTY1MTQzNTM5


It is best 4shared or windows skydrive: Not be what the noise with this program, knowing that it is much lower than others in the same category. E.g.: Skydrive, allows you to store up to 25 gigabytes and in addition you can sync folders. -4shared allows you to store up to 6 gigabytes, but with the advantage that you can play videos, music, photos and documents on the page. It contains in addition an excellent desktop program, download and upload files. and if you want you can sync folders. In addition to sharing and search for files.


Me gusta mucho!: Me gusta mucho!Me gusta mucho


Get more free space!: You can use my referral: https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTYzODUxMzI5 and both have 2 gb of space free + 250 mb bonus!

ross Bruji



: Hello everyone! I instalao because everyday me crushing my friend Jose with the dropbox by very weno ksea


Excellent program storage online: It is a great program if you want to save and store important files on a virtual hard drive on the network without using backups, flash drives, cds or dvds that you just place those files that you want in the my dropbox folder and the program saves them directly in your virtual hard drive of 2 gb (at least) that can be extended by paying. You don't need user intervention just when installed.


Very good to keep your important files: It is a really easy to use application although in English, you can use them in local are Internet connection, when you have connection to the internet they synchronize automatically and if the connection is broken don't worry because the same program to resume its connection from where leave it. It fully integrates with Windows Explorer, you'll never order a video, use FTP in your life. You can share folders with any other user, very interesting for group work. You can share a single file using URL to download who want, ideal to send catalogs, documents, pictures, videos, ect... You can share all the files that you have introduced between the computers that you have, so you forget to charge pencils it memory and stories. If you need more than 2 Gb you can increase your account for free by sending invitations, you can get to 3 Gb.


Maybe perfect for sharing:


Interacts with Quickoffice: Program is quite good... but one of the main benefits that can work with quickoffice for the iPhone. Therefore we access remotely from your mobile and we can work & quot; in the March & quot; some corrections in documents or spreadsheets that we have to present. This leads to another level... Really very satisfied with the program... to part if you invite people to use it increase the storage capacity of your account... a goal from half court


Very useful: My files available on any computer. A very good way of developing work in team; in my case I share with fellow students text documents, presentations, spreadsheets of calculation, etc. It has given us the works a lot.



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