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Globalization makes it easy to what seems to be difficult: learn languages. With the help of simple games and exercises, you will learn words, concepts and all the ins and outs of the English.

Giving you high, with your account from Facebook, Twitter or email, globalization will allow you to make different levels. In the exercises will be learning and playing at the same time, so finish learning while having fun.

With each level exceeded, globalization you gift points, to keep playing at the following levels and improve your level of English. At the end of each level, globalization gives you the possibility to translate texts on the Internet starting from what you have learned during the course.

It bores you learn English? With globalization that is water last. From now on, learn languages, will be as easy and fun as playing.

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  • Audio and text with images
  • Lots of levels
  • Without contact with other users

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