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They say that learning requires effort and dedication, words that don't sound anything fun. But the times that run come original projects that unite fun with learning. An example is globalization.

Globalization it teaches you English, French and Portuguese with examples and varied exercises that repeat concepts so that you memorize while you have fun.

Learn languages does not have why be boring.

My tailor is rich

Learn languages, playing and free. Can you request more? Globalization will find lessons organized in a tree and divided by issues of vocabulary.

So, to go beyond levels, you can go to the next. When you get this, learn the language selected at the time you purchase points to keep playing.

What does each level? Globalization combines different activities, such as combining words, listen to audio, translate a phrase... As soon as you respond to the challenge, globalization tells you whether it is correct or not. And at the top of the screen you will see a progress bar to find out how much you have left to finish and take how much advanced.

To put into practice what you've learned and by adding a touch of game, globalization allows you to play against other people or the own globalization answering questions. Who wins fastest answer correctly to the questions, which are similar to which they've seen in the levels of learning.

Step by step

Globalization is very intuitive. Three easily recognizable spaces at all times from the bottom menu and each of them well-defined.

In globalization, it is difficult to get lost and everything is prepared so that you know what action you have to do in each one: order a few words, write a text, activate an audio...

Learn by playing

Globalization is a very interesting proposal to learn while having fun. I miss more component human, as it offers Busuu with corrections of texts and chats, but in any case, the activities proposed by globalization are more than acceptable, learning with repetition of concepts in activities to prevent boredom, main enemy of language learning.

  • Fun
  • Varied evidence
  • Audio and text with images
  • Lots of levels
  • Several languages available
  • Games against other users
  • Without contact with other users
  • Repetition of concepts

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