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If ever you've thought how you would be another person's face, Face Swap gives you the answer by exchanging your face from a photograph.

Automatically, from the face detection in an image, Face Swap exchanges faces with comic or grotesque results, depending how you look.

Change instantly

The premise of Face Swap is of inherently curious: change your face for the person who is next to a photograph. And although it is not easy, Face Swap makes it look that it is, because it makes the change of shape automatically and instantly, without waiting or surgery from through.

You just have to choose an image from your photo album, searching the Internet or doing a picture with the camera on your Windows Phone device. Face Swap will analyze the image, will mark the detected faces, and will ask you if you want to make the change.

After the emergence of a few sympathetic animals, Face Swap will show you the result, surprising and very well done.

Face Swap allows you to delete the image, in case that the impact caused is excessive, save it in the memory of the phone or SkyDrive or share it with your friends through Facebook or Twitter along with a comment for the occasion.


Use Face Swap does not require any prior knowledge of editing. Simply select the symbol + main screen, decide where to extract the image to the experiment, apply the change and share the result or save it.

At all times you can go back, choose another image, or try your luck with it.

Guaranteed fun!

Mounts Face Swap carried out are very funny, what fun is guaranteed. In addition, the possibility of combining several faces in an image with more than two people makes you can do experiments for hours with unpredictable results.

In summary

If you want to have a good time or a joke to an acquaintance, Face Swap you can apply Photomontages fun and easy to perform thanks to this experiment of Microsoft.

  • Easy to use
  • Camera and Web access
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter and SkyDrive
  • Automatic
  • The result is not always the desired

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