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Facebook is the quintessential social network to connect with the rest of the world. Thanks to its official Android app, you can do almost everything you can do in the web version, but anywhere.

Connect with your world

Facebook for Android allows you to: update your status, share links and photos, write private messages, comment on updates from your friends, do I like pages and reviews, chat with your friends and set up your profile from your phone.

Chat, which had not been included, in early versions of Facebook for Android offers even the option to record short voice messages.

If you're a page administrator, you must install the application administrator of Facebook pages. Thus, when accedeas to a page that you control, it will open automatically.

Native application: total integration

Facebook gets along very well with Android. Notifications work seamlessly and with the system integration is complete. It is comfortable to share links and content from any application.

In terms of the management of the interface, Facebook for Android shows on the screen the News feed . If you want to chat, press the button located in the upper right corner and appears to the right.To access to your wall and the rest of the menus, press the upper left button. Very comfortable.

Performance can be improved

It must be acknowledged: the operation of the mobile Facebook updates is not optimal. It works relatively well, and the problems generated are usually passengers, but Facebook still has a long way to go in this regard.

Leaving aside locks, other minor problems, delays in the update and the app Facebook for Android Officer gives you access to most of the social networking and lets you run them with much credit.

Level design, Facebook for Android is nice and after multiple updates has managed to achieve an excellent level, which facilitates much interaction.

The official client is the official client

While there are Facebook as Friendcastercustomers, exceeding it as the truth is that the fact of being the official application provides an extra confidence, that is undeniable.

Facebook for Android works well and has the official support, fact that guarantees that you will be constantly updated.

Save photos, Facebook Home...

Recent changes in Facebook for Android brings an eagerly awaited novelty: to Save photos. No longer need therefore applications like Facebook Photosave also can useFacebook Home for your lock screen.

  • It allows you to upload photos from mobile phones
  • Notifications in real time
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Chat
  • Integration with Android
  • It occupies a lot of space
  • Performance problems
  • Not optimized for tablets

Facebook screenshots and videos

Facebook reviews


only for tablets q admits google play: I could not even download it my tablet is arnova...


Facebook increasingly more slow do, in less than 4.0 androids: I go very slow, tilda me my phone, android 2.2.1, there are those who do not have the android 4.0, should fix that

If buenĂ­sim thanks to sonfonic...: Me gust ypermit q are conecxtados any link...gracisd EST ptogra


soirve not this update!: Watch since I upgrade the application can not have upload photos have a motorola razi premium not teendria that have these problems. to see which solution they give me?


dibertido comunicatibo relations educatibo public: What a month fibertido uy good and entertaining communication system

shooooo 2012

It is the worst: This new version of facebook for android in the worst thing there is, is very slow, the chat is never loaded and do not know who is connected, is the worst thing that there can be change that version soon already can't take it more

Sea Girl

Grim: I have a Sony Xperia X 10 Mini, it occurred to me to update and it has been the worst thing that happened to me, now I'm without FB on my phone thanks to this dreadful update


Dragon city: Finally I found a hack of gems to Dragon City, couldn't take 100,000 gems whenever I used it. This hack if it works is not a hoax just visit this small tutorial that teaches you how to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o7E7YTTxGM


Bad boy: not worth nothing this new version now I take long to open the application and nothing works the chat


Andru Punk: I think it is very well recently so I am knowing... AMM not is if you can disable the chat still does not find that option but if dear you can leave, you have to do is enter the facebook application. Wait for it to load the page with the latest updates from your friends. Then press BACKSPACE (the physical button on the right). This will send them to the home page of the Facebook application. Here pressed for options (the physical button on the left, which has an icon with 4 squares) and show you a menu where is the option to leave. This closes the session facebook... is simple! use the keys ;)


It does not work: I don't know why but until recently worked me this application on my Galaxi Ace and few days ago get me a message that tells me that I log again. Doing so tells me that my e-mail address does not exist. However, coming from the browser with my address I have no problem. I installed the update and since then not going well.

Bryan Br7

worsened: in my xperia X 10 Mini pro... it does not load well the facebook, I can no longer see anything, not good load notifications, major news out half badly very badly


Gruesome: Apart from the fact that it has no chat and I had to separate descagarlo, has thousand connection problems!... and I also estoi without face on my cel: @


Without a doubt... the worst: It is the worst application I've never driven on a smartphone. Slow until exhaustion, little intuitive, infamous and design above all even without seeing the code one realizes that this badly built, a fudge. They develop on Adroid and think in windows.


Terrible update.: Because upgrade?... Since the axctualize have no facebook on my phone, a white box only opens and shows the "facebook" icon and the window closes...


At least it serves to chicanear: It is not of the best but at least it does what prompted, it is not as heavy and is not very slow, if you like facebook and you have android this program is perfect at least serve to chicanear


TERRIBLE: Download the update and continues to cause problems as the comments put something good software this poor me out of FB sometimes I can't go very bad to not be able to, install or use it as a Tablet the same but worse


Does not work!: Since the new application is installed, does not work, does not recognize the installation automatically, takes long to load and only access notifications and not be veen photos, publish something: impossible. They improve it? before it worked very well, and now I stopped using it.


SGS2: Obviously, android is the Google.. .to them interested to promote google plus! See nothing more applications for google plus, G mail, and so on, are excellent...



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