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Facebook Beta is pre-release future native Facebook app for Windows Phone. The app is free and can be used without having to uninstall the current Facebook app.

What can you do with this Beta?

Despite not being a final version, Facebook Beta includes everything you need so you can share content, chat, and find out what your Facebook friends are doing.

As in the case of official Facebook for Windwos Phone customer, you can update your status, read and write messages, see the updates of your friends, upload photos, view events and notifications... In short, everything you can do on Facebook.

Facebook Beta includes some features that differentiate you from the iOS and Androidversions. For example, you can customize the lock screen with photos of your Facebook albums, receive ermergentes notifications even when the app is not open (although this does not quite work very well) and see what happens in the app from the shortcut on the home screen.

Other Facebook Beta features that are not present in the current client are the possibility to anchor pages and groups at the beginning and (finally) the function share in any post.

Functions of chat and messaging, unfortunately, are not even at the height of the iOS and Android versions: cannot attach voice in the folders of voice messages, attach photos and see photos uploaded in chat groups.

More convenient to use

Facebook Beta is more convenient to use than the current version for Windows Phone. The user interface resembles more of iOS and Android and insurance that is more familiar.

The Options menu and the chat opens by sliding the finger from both sides of the screen, which greatly facilitates access.

Goodbye, Windows Phone look

One of the hallmarks of Facebook for Windows Phone app was, to date, your meter/Modern UI look, which distinguished it from other versions. As well, Microsoft has decided to abandon this design and opt for the classic, which we can already see in iOS and Android.

The app runs much faster than the previous version, especially when opened. And that moment is a preliminary version, so in principle the future final version should be even better.

Our opinion

In general, Facebook Beta represents a great step forward. The design greatly facilitates use and introduced new functions were necessary.

  • Great design
  • Customizable lock screen
  • Very fast
  • Interactive mosaics
  • It allows to anchor the home pages
  • Notifications fail a little
  • Lack of improvements in the chat

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