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FIFA 13 is a realistic football game that takes care of all the details, available for Windows Phone. It reflects the style of dynamic game of the console version and includes many of the same game modes.

Modes of play in FIFA 13

Several modes of game for consoles and PC version are present in this version of FIFA 13 for Windows Phone. You can play a Quick match (including penalties and training modes), compete in a tournament, and test your tactics in Managermode. Unlike the iPhone version, FIFA 13 Lumia phone does not include a multiplayer online.

Another attractive option of FIFA 13 is the challenge mode. In this, you will find yourself participating in games of real life (based on parties that actually occurred), where you attempt to change the course of the meeting on your behalf.

FIFA 13 also provides a way to training and competition by penalties.

It displays your skills

In terms of the controls FIFA 13, at the beginning they are complicated, since they consist of an analog control in screen and four buttons which vary according to you're attacking or defending you.

The most important change concerning FIFA 12 is the watermarkbutton, which allows you to make incredible dribbling with only press it and then make the gestures suitable in the grid that appears on screen. The controls are very well explained in the help of FIFA 13, and you won't much in understanding the operation and start making Dodge and give fantastic passes.

A realistic football Simulator

The graphics of FIFA 13 have greatly improved from earlier versions of the game for devices. The players seem more realistic and not only on features of their faces, but also in the way they move and collide with each other.

There are more than 15,000 players of real-life included in the game, representing 500 teams from 30 leagues different. If this you add playback of 32 stadiums and the great soundtrack that is heard as you prepare for the parties, we have a game with an impeccable presentation.

Our opinion

With the multitude of game modes, care graphics and realistic style of play, FIFA 13 is a must for any football fan.

  • Realistic graphics
  • Entertaining game modes
  • Hundreds of equipment available
  • Challenge mode
  • The controls are difficult at the beginning
  • Without multiplayer

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FIFA 13 reviews

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