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FIFA 14 comes to Android and free!. EA focuses on the Ultimate Team mode, while some games modes are only accessible through micropayments. Game highlight its interface menus and renovated touch control system.

Ultimate Team and micropayments

FIFA 14 allows to play matches in Ultimate Team mode, matches of the week, supports your Club, throwing Penalty and Online. The latter offers multiplayer games with other players in the world.

The Forms Manager, tournament, and quick match are available only if you first make a payment within the app.

As it happens in the PC and console versions, FIFA 14 for Android includes the function Match Day, allowing to reflect everything that happens in the real world of the football in the game. In this way, both alignments and stockings players will evolve (for better or for worse) depending on what you do during the season.

14 FIFA for Android focuses on the Ultimate Team mode. In this mode, you must create and manage your own virtual machine. You can buy and sell players and make them evolve buying improvement cards. And, of course, you can also play games and competitions with your Ultimate Team.

FIFA 14 includes a total of 33 leagues (Serie A, Premier League, La LIga and Bundesliga...), more than 600 teams, around 16,000 players and 34 stage recreated to perfection. It is what has to have official licenses.

Notably, the game's interface, revamped following the style of the new PC version and offering a more comfortable browsing.

New gesture-based control

FIFA 14 introduces a new touch, gesture-based control system. The idea is interesting, but the truth is that it requires a bit of practice to master. Therefore we recommend that you check the practical tutorial that includes the game.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to return to the Classic Controller virtual of former versions, simply select it from the options menu. The old to the new, still love us more but the thing will taste and we believe that over time we will end up using the new.

Few graphical improvements, excellent soundtrack

The 3D graphics are good quality and the animations of the players, despite being rather slow, rayan at high level. Not so for the fluidity of the game: in our opinion lacks a bit of speed.

The music of the menus, as usual, is great. Finally, the sound effects have not been better with respect to previous versions and are simply correct. What we liked Yes are the comments in Spanish.

Free FIFA, at last

FIFA 14 is the first delivery of this game freemium . Thanks to this license, you can play for free at the best football game for Android, which, up to this version, used to be somewhat expensive. If you like and want to make the most of it, you can always access the micropayments.

In addition to this change, EA has decided to innovate in the control system. You may like more or less, but it is a mini revolution. Otherwise, the game is quite similar to the delivery of the last year.

The best game of football and free? I wouldn't think it me.

What's new in the latest version

Brazil World Cup update includes licenses for national teams, the Adidas Brazuca balloon and the possibility of competing in new meetings for the week.

  • Fantastic Ultimate Team mode
  • Good gameplay
  • New interface and design
  • Very complete tutorial
  • 33 leagues, 600 teams, 34 stadiums
  • Few graphic improvements
  • Rhythm of slow play
  • Some modes of payment

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If medieraras fifa with much taste you the resibiri: quieron fifa for my device android 4.2.2 by quefutbol for android that there is the best of


If medieraras fifa with much taste you the resibiri: quieron fifa for my device android 4.2.2 by quefutbol for android that there is the best of

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