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15 FIFA Ultimate Team gives you the ability to createand manage a team of champions. Salt onto the field and participate with your computer skills! In this way you will earn points of experience and virtual money, which you can then spend to improve your team and buy players in the auctions. A game of high technical level, with a style of elegant gameplay and a large replay value. FIFA 15 UT is free, and absolutely indispensable for lovers of football simulators.

It shows your sense of smell for business

He participated in the auctions where you buy and sell players, increases the value of your equipment and, above all, understanding among all its members (to make them pay the most and have more possibilities to achieve victory!). These are the keys to Ultimate Team.

You will have to put to the test your skills looking for players, as well as being appropriate for your tactics and your style of play, is understood to have perfectly with his teammates.

Ultimate Team offers different game modes, which include: play party fast, participate of a cup or a Championship, challenge the Team of the week (week team), or revive in first person the most important party of every day in real football.

For those who do not want to play in first person, but they prefer to focus on the functions of a trainer, 15 FIFA Ultimate Team presents this year the new fast time simulation: you'll be present as Viewer on your team, but along the same must also make decisions of a real trainer (substitutions, tactical changes and much more).

15 FIFA Ultimate Team offers 30 Championships (Premier League, Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1, to mention only a few), more than 500 computers and a database with more than 10,000 players.

Whether you are an expert and if you're a novice, will not have any problems, because FIFA 15 UT lets you choose from five difficulty levels which modify the ability of the computer.

FIFA 15 UT interface has the same style as the computer version, with a modern design and an excellent navigability within the menus. Finally, the game gives you achievements to achieve certain objectives.

Instant playability

The gameplay is excellent and the response to the command is immediate. It has a lot of incredible animations, although some have seemed a bit slow. In addition, this year you can make new dribbling and be filtered passes.

FIFA 15 UT offers two types of controls: one based on gestures, landslidesand pulsations; and another consisting of the classical virtual remote control. This last option seemed the most practical and it was that made us excited about more.

Excellent environment

The graphics are well designed - even if they have not changed much with respect to the previous edition - and animations were perfected. The music of the menus is excellent, a true tradition of EA, a company that has always offered us very good soundtracks. Once on the field of play, the story of the meeting stands out for its quality, but the songs and sound effects are within the average.

The football final and free in your device Simulator

15 FIFA Ultimate Team offers you on your mobile device one of the most appreciated game modes of the computer version. And he does it very well. The wide variety of competitions give you a high degree of replayability, and the management team and the auction system has been designed with simplicity and clarity.

The menus are impeccable, both by its appearance and its usability, and in general the loading speed It has improved.

The style of play not has let us down: the different controls are adapted to the requirements of any gamer. In addition, the tutorials have been designed with great care and help a lot to know the dynamics of the game.

15 FIFA Ultimate Team has yet to improve the pace of play and repair some technical imperfections, but in general it is a game of great quality andessential for all fans of football simulators.

Will you be able to meet Messi, Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo in your team Ultimate Team?

  • Optimal playability
  • Well-designed auction system
  • Excellent interface
  • Well prepared tutorials
  • Several game modes
  • A little slow loading process
  • Some of his animations are improved

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