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Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan transports you to a place of dreams, a world of Kings and Queens in which you are the last hope to save the Kingdom. Your only weapon is the intellect and a Lynx view, you join the challenge?

Save the Kingdom to beat Riddler

Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan is set in a fantasy world where you are a healer for return the voice to the Queen, by order of her dearest husband the King. But a strange event will make your simple plans change and you need to embark on an adventure to save the Kingdom.

In a universe of stores full of gullible games find objects, Grim Legends 2 goes a bit further, using this starting point as an excuse to introduce a game where solving mysteries in the form of puzzles and riddles.

The action is divided into several rooms, that you're traveling in search of clues and objects that you insert in parts of the stage or combinarás with others to activate mechanisms, open doors or to discover secret varied.

Among the puzzles you'll find there is the typical insert gear, solving puzzles and completing unfinished structures with objects and, of course, some other classic minigame to find objects. You will also have assistants point in the form of magical creatures that will help you to access sites that your human character fails.

An adventure tale scenarios

The Grim Legends 2 gameplay mechanics: Song of the Dark Swan will not surprise the player accustomed to this genre but not new, since everything is done by touching objects in the environment.

These moments of game are complemented by small cinematic making advance history (typical, but at least have a history) and that the different characters in the adventure show.

The scenarios where the puzzles are held in Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan are very careful. They have plenty of details, which will make you take them either to find in them clues. The tracks take you to another more detailed game screen, a kind of foreground of the riddle of the day.

As for the aforementioned cinematic boast good design of characters, although their facial movements, wanting to seem realistic are acartonados. I would have perhaps sitting them better a less realistic style and more than cartoon.

Noise level, Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan stands out for a good roster of Benders (especially the voice the protagonist and Narrator) and a surround soundtrack and that combines very well with the magical adventure tone.

Magic that us falls short

Grim Legends 2 is an adventure with puzzles, entertaining, where note is the hand of its creators, Artifex Mundi, experts in the genre.

The only problem with the game is that if you're a clever user you will be short and you wait anxiously a Grim Legends 3.

  • Variety puzzles
  • Visually beautiful
  • A story that engages
  • Stilted animations
  • You stay with wanting more
  • Easy for the advanced user

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