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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the third installment in the most famous saga of Rockstar 3D. As good vehicles, in an open and vast environment freedom is total, either to help others or to cause chaos.

If previous games were set in the 80s and today, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is clearly inspired by the California of the 90s: a scene of bands, street fights and drugs in which Carl Johnson, your character will land after five years of absence.

The mechanism of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the same as always: to do missions to climb steps socially and have more money and reputation than anyone else. The story is not very original, but you can discover it at your own pace while having fun driving or doing the Goose on the streets.

Technically, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been out of date regarding subsequent deliveries as Grand Theft Auto IV, but it makes up for it with a gigantic mapped, still not exceeded in size. Everything else is also of importance: number of characters and endless soundtrack.

The possibilities of game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are almost endless, with or without mods. If you want to find out about them, you're still in time to yourself with this classic.

  • The largest ever designed urban mapping
  • Long history and multitude of characters
  • Possibilities of game inside and outside of the missions
  • Modify your character, your vehicles, your weapons...
  • Some repetitive or silly missions
  • Somewhat outdated graphics

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas reviews


Very good: My assessment is corde mods that you can use on this game, however, without mods is very good but not so much.


GTA: It is cornered re game, good does not stop other users because not you can "Download" because it is full version but you get that CD game is cornered re because I did 100 missions.


the game is emosionane : ┬┤Que is an elegant game cute and fun and interesting because when I am become weary and get to play san andrea


An extraordinary game: I like that game but the license is not free and I am fourteen years old


Good for some bad for others: Demons do not understand why gta san andreas does not go with windows 7, good game but try to down all the sites and it is not compatible with windows 7


disagreement: Grand theft auto san andreas in very good game but alos aficianados of the grand theft auto it must buy and and disagree that I'm a fan and have to buy better that they pingan you that you can download.


It is not so: I liked it at first but I discovered GTA IV and I re taste because the San andreas are not very good graphics look at clothing, windows, doors, etc... but in gta iv only windows but the other uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh superrrrrrr put gta iv downloadable at softonic to others


I like it!: GTA san andreas is a great game that should be better, would that have the choice for first person and many other things


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