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HERE Maps is the Nokia maps application, available for Windows Phone devices.

HERE Maps works similarly to Google Maps. This window to the world allows you to know any city or region with your fingers, either moving, expanding or reducing the area of vision, or by typing a specific place in the search box. Display modes include the street map, satellite and traffic.

HERE Maps also has a route planner which decides for you the shortest path between two locations. One of them may be in which you find yourself at that moment, thanks to its integration with the geolocation of your phone or tabletchip.

As original aspects regarding Google maps, Maps HERE has two interesting functions: Collections, a section that lists with points of interest that you can create and edit; and Keep the Area of the map, which gives you offline of specific fragments of the map, ideal for trips in which you do not have Internet.

HERE maps we have missed some features present in your website: the view from the street or the buildings in 3D are not available. Neither the creator community maps, although you can see previously-created without difficulty.

An app for viewing quality maps and additional functions. Install this free map and you won't regret it.

  • Saved maps offline
  • Collections of points of interest
  • Maps load quickly
  • Efficient route planner
  • The traffic information
  • Interior of buildings maps
  • Some rather fuzzy maps
  • Without 3D view or at street

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