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Jet Set Go is a fun simulation game in which you put on the skin of April, an attractive travel agent need to do what I do to have happy customers.

What is Jet Set Go?

Jet Set Go aims to effectively manage a travel agency, filling the various destinations of passengers. Customers come into the store and your task is to accompany them during the entire process, from providing information leaflets to print their boarding passes.

Jet Set Go game system is similar to other games of the style, so as you go moving the thing will be complicated and you need to expand your facilities to meet the demand. You can also unlock up to a total of 12 new destinations.

Jet Set Go tends to be somewhat repetitive. That Yes, it includes a series of mini-games that allow you to travel to the destinations you sell and help serve drinks and meals, which adds an incentive to play.

How is it played?

Start playing Jet Set Go is very affordable, thanks in part to a tutorial very practical.

Basically, the only thing you have to do is touch about customers to serve them and dragging them with your finger so they feel in certain sites of the office. The key to succeed in Jet Set Go is the mental agility.

Does look like?

We really like the general look of Jet Set Go. It is very colorful and conveys good vibes. The characters are very well drawn and is easily distinguished among themselves.

Another thing that we are celebrating is music, since it is very relaxing and not charged at any time.

The verdict

Jet Set Go is of those games that engage. If you also feel some sympathy by the world of tourism, we are convinced that you will like. At least in principle, since it is certain that it ends up being somewhat repetitive.

  • Fun and colorful graphics
  • Facild play
  • Mini-games that add variety
  • Fairly repetitive
  • Few levels

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