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Jewel Star is the classic game of match-3, in this exclusive opportunity for devices with Windows operating system. Why should you play this game and not another of so many of this genre? Then I after playing a few games still wonder that...

Play without time limit

Jewel Stars a game to join more or three pieces of the same type. We are, what we have been seeing for years in Bejeweled or saga Candy Crush, among others. You don't need more explanation, right?

Like many games of the competition, Jewel Star has different worlds, each one of them with dozens of levels. A level is exceeded, fulfilling the target set in a certain number of played maxims. For example, to pass a level you must achieve a number of points, remove some concrete tiles or break a few specific boxes.

To the usual together mechanical parts will help you typical powerups that are formed by making correct combinations. Unlike other games, here these powers are only achieved by playing well, not going through box.

Unlike other games, Jewel Star does not have additional mini-games or other challenges to overcome. Simply you have to go level to level putting pieces together. The positive thing is that, on this occasion, not limited to lives or time: puedes play as long as you want without any limitation.

Without its own personality

Jewel Star charts don't stand out above the competition, making it a rather bland title. As well, with more ideas of Candy Crush Saga but closest to Bejeweled aesthetics, is a "more of the same", without any distinctive air that you invite to play.

Although they populate by play some friendly dragons and other fantastic creatures are not integrated in any way, are single decorative elements without any sort of way back history.

Entertaining for awhile

Jewel Star is an entertainment suitable for awhile. Playability already know it, so that you will be surprised how far will soon. The problem is that, given its aesthetics, is less charming than other games of the competition and will be less likely to stay more hours engaged (and that does not have limitation by time!).

Are you looking for a good match-3? Despite you who gets upset Candy Crush is still better, and even Disney's Free Fall numbers.

  • Dull graphics
  • Without extra challenges
  • No limit of time or lives
  • It has no powerups of payment

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