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Jurassic Dino Hunting raises you the flipside of Jurassic World: in this free game you'll not fleeing the dinosaurs, but that you will face them as an expert Hunter.

As a game of hunting but with Velociraptors

Jurassic Dino Hunting is a classic shooting game in which you have a varied arsenal of weapons to hunt down animals. But instead of hunting bears or birds your prey will be different types of dinosaurs.

Jurassic Dino Hunting is divided into challenges, you have to fill in a maximum time to overcome them and thus unlock the next level.

Jurassic Vengaza

In Jurassic Dino Hunting you move across the stage with a virtual stick and have different shot options, targeted or reloading of the weapon. All controls work properly, especially if you have a device with a large screen.

The enemy AI is also correct: If a dinosaruio detected that firing you will try to attack you, so, on some occasions, you will have to run hide to mislead the animal prehistorirco and find another angle to give hunting.

Jurassic Dino Hunting has some good graphics in 3D, both models of dinosaurs and the scenarios.

A fun target shooting game

Jurassic Dino Hunting is a good entertainment free to all fans of shooting games.

  • Good controls
  • Growing difficulty
  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Narrow range of dinosaurs
  • Is just doing something repetitive

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