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Kingdoms& Lordsis a fun medieval game that combines the worlds of strategy, simulation, and the battle turn based.

From what Kindgoms & Lords?

If you like games like Clash of Clans and Castle Clash, you will also like Kingdoms & Lords. Your task is to essentially protect your village from the attack of evil invaders. You will get not only attacking the enemy, but also fortify your Kingdom with barracks, soldiers or stables, among others, in construction mode and style simulation video games.

Kingdoms & Lords turn-based battles are fun but not very original. You have to choose what kind of soldiers you send (Spearmen, swordsmen, loggers) and use their abilities in the best way. You can make use of spells to help.

Unfortunately, the magic potions, soldiers, buildings and others are not free in Kingdoms & Lords. There are three types of coins in the game and you can get some of them to collect fees or to unlock achievements. Although if you want to be playing good rhythm you'll be using real coins.

It assumes command

Strategy and Kingdoms & Lords battle modes are easy to understand, especially if you have already played this type of games. If not, Lisa, a virtual Guide, will teach you the processes of construction and battle so never miss.

How does it look?

Kingdoms & Lords is bright and colorful and full of details. From the realistic buildings of the village up to the fun effects in battle sequences, all makes the game live.

The music has a very medieval. The truth sound effects help to recreate the scene, especially the song of the bird that PIA, provides peace of mind in the midst of so much struggle!

The verdict


Kingdoms & Lords is a fun game that will please both fans of simulation games and role-playing games. It is a pity that the progress is based both on purchases within the application.

  • Clear and colorful graphics
  • Types of video game fun mix
  • Useful tutorials
  • It is difficult to progress without buying anything

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I have lost the version taking level 20: I had this version and to update my phone is I lost. What can I do?