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LastPass is a Password Manager that has earned a good reputation in its different versions for PC, web browsers and mobile phones. In Windows Phone 8 keeps intact its simplicity and fierce protection.

To use LastPass, you need to create an account first and foremost. Well remember the master password because it will be that give you access to all the others. Once inside the program, you will be able to create files with passwords for different services in which you are registered.

The great advantage of LastPass is that he lets you remember a single password to retrieve the others, so you can create other than without worrying about how complicated (and safe) are. To help you, the program also features of a random key generator.

Another useful feature of LastPass is your notes safesaving. Everything you keep in this diary under lock and key will be protected by a PIN code that only you know.

Of course, if you use LastPass in other platforms you can import your data to your mobile phone and sign up for web pages with more simplicity than ever before.

  • Easy to use
  • Encrypted data locally
  • Secure notes
  • Key generator
  • No AutoComplete in browser

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