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Animated photos is an application exclusively for phones Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8, that lets you take pictures and animate them directly from the phone. Take a photo, select which parts of it want to encourage and share it with your contacts.

Images alive

Animated photos adds a new universe to the phone's camera. It is fun to play with the photographs and give them movement.

The application allows you to select certain parts of a picture and choose whether you want to move or remain quiet. Animated photos also allows you to modify the duration of the animation. The result is a moving image, similar to an animated GIF.

Once you have your photos ready, animated photos allows you to share them via email, SMS or social networks.

Easy to use, hard to share

Animated pictures is very easy to use. At all times you will see information on screen that helps you to take the picture and apply motion effect.

However, cannot be said the same thing in the way of sharing them. To send them via social networks, email or SMS you must have a Nokia account. When you give to share, the application will create a download link from the Nokia server so you can share it. In addition, the resulting GIF file much, weighs around 3 MB.

Amazing results

Animated pictures is a real joy of application. It works well and allows you to make authentic m├│dena with your photographs. It is best to start experimenting with different pictures and movements.


If you have a Nokia Windows Phone 8 Lumia, animated photos is an application that you must have in your phone Yes or Yes. Leaving aside the extra step you need to do to share photos, animated photos provide you with great moments.

  • Spectacular result
  • So fun
  • It works perfectly
  • Easy to use
  • Method to share difficult

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