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Maps is an application that brings Windows Phone Bing maps, ideal for those who do not complete see the advantages of Nokia maps or prefer some alternative maps. With Maps, you can find a place specific, locate you on the map, find a route from one point to another and other options just as useful.

Alternative to Google and Nokia

Bing maps are an alternative to take into account to Google maps and Nokia, which are quality but not always show you are looking for or in the way that best suits your needs.

With Maps, you will have access to these maps, online or downloading the areas (Please note that each map is several megabytes, which will need to be very specific about what map like). The advantages of these maps, you can see the level of one-way traffic, photographic aerial view, information about roads and public transport, etc.

Beautiful and useful

Maps maps resemble those of Google, even though they have their personal touch, especially in the form of show the routes from one point to another. In any case, the image quality tends to be good in important areas, although it is possible to find incorrect maps in remote areas.

In summary

If you prefer maps Bing (Microsoft) instead of the official Nokia maps, with this application you will have access to them integrating them into Windows Phone so don't miss and find any place on the map.

  • Easy to use
  • Good quality maps
  • Downloadable maps
  • Based on Bing maps
  • Route indicator
  • Public transport and roads
  • Photographic aerial view
  • Very heavy maps
  • Absent in certain areas local information

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