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MARCAQuiz is a brand new app, the popular Spanish newspaper of soccer information (and other sports). With this app type quiz can show to the rest of readers of mark how much you know of the day to day of soccer today: results, signings, important dates...

Every day, MARCAQuiz offers you a selection of questions in batches of five questions. If the respond well and in time, you will get points up in the ranking of participants.

I know this I

It is one thing to know the lineup full of your team and quite another to know who has signed such equipment or what year played for the first time certain selection.

MARCAQuiz puts to test your football knowledge asking you things related to the news of the day-by-day mark. Every day there are new questions, in batches of five questions.

You will be able to repeat many times that you want, but keep in mind that you have a limit of five runs to start, which will add more last a few minutes or if raisins per box.

When finish each run you will get a score on the basis of successful responses and what you took to respond. With these points you will be climbing positions in the ranking of players.

The first will get gifts at end of month. The problem is that they are limited to betting bonuses at mark bets, so it is a gift to poisoned.

To play with MARCAQuiz you will have to register, using your email address or your Facebook account. In addition, to share your score with your friends you will need to use your Facebook account.

To participate in the contest

MARCAQuiz has a very visual appearance, with large buttons of colors and messages short and large so you can clearly see the options available.

The same applies to the questions, the time and the available responses showing well-signposted to avoid confusion with the nerves of the moment.

A game of today

MARCAQuiz is a fun game that you'll if you are interested in football today. If more or less follow the media sport it will be easy to answer most questions.

And although the awards are not very appetizing, MARCAQuiz will serve distraction to have a good time and know what position to occupy in the list of players.

  • Variety of questions
  • Four possible answers
  • Time limit
  • Scores ranking
  • You can repeat each day
  • Prognosis of the party of your choice
  • Original incentive to read the newspaper
  • Prizes leave much to be desired
  • The background music just tired

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