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Memory Time Battle is a game for Windows Phone based on the classic memory games, the open two images, remember them and try to match those that are equal. But Memory Battle Time has much more, and is that the large number of variants which includes make it one very interesting game, although a bit difficult to understand.

It is not only create parjeas.

In essence, Memory Battle Time is to discover pairs of letters that are on display in the shortest possible time. Up to there nothing new.

But what makes special Memory Battle Time is its gameplay. When you start playing you have plenty of time. As you progress, time will be decreasing or increasing depending on what delay resolving the panels.

But not only depends on your speed, now that the game along find special levels that allow you to get extra time. Also you can face in grief to other players and bet an amount of time. If win it, well, if not you will lose time.

Memory Battle Time includes other variants such as pumps, remaining you points until you do not find your loved one, and point multipliers.

Another innovative aspect is the existence of two types of barajas: do not always have to match the same letters. Sometimes it is theme related letters. For example, Dr. House and his staff. Or Dexter and a knife. To avoid confusion, when you start each level displays the type of deck you are going to play.

The objective in Memory Battle Time is the highest score as possible, so that you can appear in the world (although the number at present, one such ana25, have an unattainable outrage of points).

Something difficult to understand

The impression that leaves us Memory Battle Time is that it is a very entertaining game, with many variants which certainly lengthen its duration, but a little complicated to understand.

There are so many rules and different to take into account, that what in principle should be a game to play a quick game without worries becomes something to which we must pay careful attention not to be missed. That Yes, once take you the trick, the game is very addictive.

Another thing we don't like is that you should enter your Microsoft account to play. It misses us, bearing in mind that as a general rule the system already has this information.

We love graphics

The graphics Memory Battle time are very nice and colorful. In addition, we remove hat to the originality of the creators in creating themes for the cards. Animals, TV series, sports... Bravo.

Music little to say. The sound effects are more than correct and the music from the main menu is a hiphopera in loop that you deactivated at the first hurdle.

Original reinvention of a classic game

Like Memory Battle time commitment to reinvent a game of life that at first glance does not support many innovations. The result is a dynamic, addictive and entertaining, but perhaps too complex to understand headings first.

  • Reinvention of a classic game
  • Duels with other players
  • Large number of variants
  • Difficult to understand
  • You need to enter your Microsoft account

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