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If the e-mail that comes installed standard your device with Windows Phone 8 administrator does not satisfy your expectations completely, it may be MetroMail free application you need to install. In fact, this software is intended for all those that, by reasons professional, make a use intensive of Gmail or of Outlook since them provides a Interface more agile and features additional very attractive as, for example, archive, delete or classify several post simultaneously.

Manage all your accounts from a same app

MetroMail is the name of which, in these moments, is the best client of Outlook and Gmail for Windows Phone 8 that exists in the market. In first place, with only Configure an or several accounts of mail, this application offers the possibility of add a great number of options of customization, by what can adjust its operation to your needs specific. In addition, it displays instant notifications related to these platforms, electronic grade by the post , as well as archive them or remove them, even in a group, and add contacts. If it were, offers the possibility of linking and synchronizing all devices you have equipped with the Windows operating system and the respective email accounts with which you work. All, in short, to provide you a greater number of utilities that you do more simple your work.

A very simple design focused user completely

This is an application clearly focused on the professional environment, so it has a design clearly focused on functionality. Indeed, this can tick is as extremely simple, which does not want to tell that not offer a great variety of complex and practices options. By its part, the color used as basis of its aesthetic is the black, while is true that as user can customize it to your taste. Also, nothing more run the app and enter your accounts of mail electronic that have in Gmail and Outlook, is open a screen in which will appear them e -mails more recent, giving priority to all those that still not have read. In this sense, just to the left have fitted a series of tabs intended to select several post simultaneously to, subsequently, archive them, classify them or delete them with only press any of them buttons destined for this that is found in the menu lower.

The best client for Outlook and Gmail from the moment

If for reasons of work or of study need a client of Outlook and Gmail that you allow manage several accounts of mail electronic simultaneously and of form very comfortable and simple, MetroMail is just the application that need. And is that, in summary accounts, this program you will allow make a myriad of complex actions in few seconds, what you will allow manage your e -mails of way more efficient and save time to, subsequently, invest it in issues of greater importance. In addition, your download is free and allows the synchronization of all the devices that have equipped with the system operating Windows.

  • Allows you to control multiple accounts at once
  • Is compatible with Outlook and Gmail
  • Offers the possibility of working with groups of post electronic
  • If to them 30 not be buy the version Premium appear content advertising

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