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Modern Combat 4 is a game of combat in first person, the fourth installment of a series that moves the current war to your Windows Phone device with the best graphics and a very successful ambiance.

12 levels filled with terrorists

In Modern Combat 4 will see them yourself with terrorists armed with the newest and by testing your skill, stealth and accuracy. Throughout its 12 levels you will have to save the planet from a nuclear disaster and rescue leaders.

Modern Combat 4 added to the campaign mode, multiplayer, to fight face to face using a free Wi-Fi Internet or local.

Spectacular graphics

Modern Combat 4 is known for spectacular graphics that leverage the power of your Windows Phone phone, coupled with a more than acceptable manageability for the type of game that requires movements and combined in complex cases.

As if it were a game console

Whether you're a regular games like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor either like to get started from your Windows Phone, in Modern Combat 4 phone will enjoy a gaming experience that has nothing to envy to similar console games.

  • Very good graphics
  • 12 missions
  • Online for local WiFi or Internet mode
  • Store improvements and supports
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Complex control sometimes

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