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The fifth episode of Modern Combat, the wide range of action of Gameloft arrives surrounded by a great expectation. It will surpass the famous previous games in the series or not to reach your level?

What contains the new chapter

In Modern Combat 5 (MC5) you enter immediately into the action in the role of a soldier of the security forces called Phoenix, which you may remember for his small appearance in Modern Combat 4. As in the known games of Call of Duty, a big city, in this case, Tokyo, suffers a violent militia group attack. You must fight militia in different screens for all the Japanese capital.

Each stage of MC5 is divided into several chapters. Each chapter has the standard screens of run and shoot, screens for goals with tasks such as disable pump and a multiplayer screen. To save space, the chapters are downloaded as you advance.

Accounts with many weapons to choose from, as well as a platoon of four different types: assault, reconnaissance, heavy and snipers. Weapons and squad types are an important part of the game and have a direct relationship with the difficulty of each level. For example, in some missions, you have to kill a hijacker to free the hostages held at gunpoint. If you use a shotgun, probably kill the kidnapper and hostages, so it will be better choose one weapon more accurate before you begin screen.

Modern Combat 5 also offers a solid multiplayer mode, you can play up to 12 people at a time. It is the best way to take advantage of the platoons, since you can gather your friends and fight all together. The multiplayer has all typical modes of FPS (first person games), like mortal combat, capture the flag and all against all.

When I tried MC5 until it came out on the market, there was, of course, people to be able to play online, so I can not comment on the gameplay. The only thing I can say is that it seems to be very fun and early reviews have been positive.

Grab your weapon and join the fight

Modern Combat 5 managers have the same problem as many triggers of touch screen: screen sticks are less sensitive than the real. The joystick that controls your movements is hand left side of the screen and you can point by moving the thumb on the right hand side. On this side are also buttons shoot, throw grenades, increasing the zoom and the controls of special habilides.

Most of the commands are quite sensitive, but there are problems as the button trigger and grenades are too together. Once I threw grenades accidentally, and that can seriously affect the gameplay, especially if you're fighting hand-to-hand. This is not an exclusive decision of MC5: many other games have the same problem. Gameloft expected soon include improvements to the controls.

Appearance and sound of combat

Much work has been devoted to the Modern Combat 5 and it shows attention to detail: the animation of the characters is detailed and fluid and the levels are short enough to not be repetitive. Although it is not at the height of the console graphics, it is among the first in its category.

The game also has a great quality sound. The weapons have different sounds and others there are other very got sound effects, such as the creaking of wheels. The voices of the actors are sobreactuadas, although solid, which is not usually found in games for mobile.

Despite the controls, you will love the fans of the FPS

It is true that commanders may be coarse and take a piss, but Modern Combat 5 is an entertaining game with a multiplayer mode that promises.

The gameplay is approaching modes multiplayer in Call of Duty thanks to the points that you get to kill multiple enemies at the same time. All the games that I've played have worked without problems in terms of connection and not I have had many problems of delay. However, Yes, I found some problems to the return. There were a couple of times where I regeneré against an opponent who quickly killed me until I had the opportunity to move me. Even with issues of spawn, the multiplayer mode is an excellent FPS experience.

  • Care graphics
  • Multitude of challenges per level
  • Fantastic multiplayer
  • Incorporation of a platoon of soldiers
  • The controls can be desperate
  • You have to be online to play

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