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Mp3Tube is an application for Windows Phone that serves for ddownload videos from YouTube in MP3 format.

The process is very simple, since Mp3Tube incorporates a search engine that will give you the results on screen. Mp3Tube lets you Preview videos, download them in MP3 format and create playlists.

If this was little, since the application itself can cut pieces of 30 seconds to be used as a ringtone.

While we we miss some configuration options (the possibility of choosing the quality of the MP3, for example), Mp3Tube seems to us an application really good and ideal to enjoy those songs that only you can find on YouTube.

  • It allows to preview the videos before downloading
  • Editor for ringtones
  • It stays locked on occasions
  • Does not allow to select the quality of the MP3

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............: where are the songs stored? in the cell? why I can't find the files to send them or copy them


GOOD: Total mind compatible phone and Sirba single patience eata in English Windows me sirbio for cel nokia 610


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