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Music + is a free service that plays music from the SoundCloudsite, even being disconnected, thanks to its ability to store songs in the cache.

Free music to the fingertips

Music + works similarly to app Xbox Music, with the difference that their catalogue is based on the SoundCloud. You can search for artists, songs, groups and playlists. You also have the option to sort the results according to the most popular songs. It is also possible to navigate section of "outstanding", where you can find recommended songs or focus on a genre of music in particular.

Music +, you reproduce music from SoundCloud or the stored in the memory cache, allowing you to listen to it while disconnected. It is a great way to save costs in data transfer, it is a function of payment in Xbox Music and Spotify.

Music + offers the possibility to create playlists, see the last played songs and gain access to your SoundCloud account, so you will have at your disposal panel (dashboard), Favorites, friends, etc. As if it were the official SoundCloud for Windows Phone app , Music + offers a relatively simple and direct way of accessing this website for distribution of music.

While Music + are useful options, does not have the range of services of applications such as Nokia Music, Xbox Music or Spotify. For example, there is no option to discover artists or explore genres, does not support share playlists and does not provide information about the musicians, as his biography or the dates of their tours.

Connected by the sound

The appearance of Music + integrates properly with the aesthetics of Windows Phone and its design is similar to the Xbox Music, what you helps a lot to navigate your favorite topics.

The Music + catalog is not so neat or as orderly as the applications of first level. There is no standard on how to write the names of the songs and often missing the albums cover. However, despite seem messed up, it's not hard to find songs, either navigating through the app or using the search function.

Unfortunately, Music + not supported for Live Tiles. It would be nice to integrate a sign "Reproducing" inside the icon, or anchor groups and playlists in the main screen.

Convenient and practical, yet

Music + proves to be a way to conveniently from your Windows Phone, access the wide variety of free music offering SoundCloud. Its function to store in the cache will be particularly useful for all those who have a limited data plan.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Songs stored in the cache, to listen to them when you are disconnected
  • It allows you to create playlists
  • Direct access to your SoundCloud account
  • It does not play radios or has a function to discover music
  • Not take advantage of Live Tiles
  • The format of the names of the topics is not standardized

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