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Cats are fantastic but can be a problem. They leave hair everywhere and are all the while meowing for food, not to mention the fans who have by mangle your furniture while you sleep.

My Talking Angela offers all the benefits of having a cat really but without its drawbacks. It is a virtual pet in the style of My Talking Tom that you must feed, care for, clean clothing and play.

Feline fun with Angela

There are many reasons why love is with My Taking Angela. The most obvious is the concept of virtual pet, which includes what you can imagine: ask carantonas, feed it, shower her and put her to sleep. These parts have already seen them miuchas times, but they are well integrated into the app so you delay bored.

But in addition to take care of the cat, you can do many other things in My Talking Angela. You'll find three mini games fun: breaks bricks, Tower of suitcases, and Puzzles (a kind of Tetris). These games are very easy to play and very addictive. Only against is that your progress is not saved when you close them.

Another interesting aspect of My Talking Angela are the packs of baseball cards that you unlock level to rise and performing tasks. Each of these packs contain stickers that can be placed in a virtual album. You can even change cards with other players, which is a characteristic of the most original in this kind of apps.

But if an aspect of My Talking Angela called especially the attention of girls is the possibility of change of clothes to the cat and decorate the House. Articles of clothing and items can be purchased with money from the game, getting up in level to Angela, playing mini-games, and of course, paying real money.

As in Talking Angela and the rest of "Talking" Outfit 7 games, here you can also that you Angela with her cat voice repeat everything you say. In addition, you can record screen and share with your friends the resulting video.

A very expressive cat

My Talking Angela is extremely simple to play, making it an ideal app for children, even for children. All the menus of the game are explained the first time you use the app, the controls of the mini-games are very simple and very illustrative and large menus.

When to perform certain tasks, the necessary object will be highlighted for you to know that you have to use it. For example, when you are enjabonando Angela shower will illuminate so you know that it is the time to clarify it. It's a very subtle feature to know what plays to do next.

The design of My Talking Angela is very nice. The app is dominated by the pink color and the character of Angela is tremendously expressive; with their eye movements and sounds do given his State of mind. That Yes, the mini-games music is heavy and is just getting you in the head.

Kitteh perfection... for some

It is clear that My Talking Angela is not for everyone. Their tasks may be tired for players seeking more action; in that case, avoid this app.

Now, for some others, especially young children, My Talking Angela is a healthy form of fun and entertaining way to Learn how to care for a pet.

  • Nice aesthetics
  • Album de cromos
  • Fun mini-games
  • Angela has personality
  • We want more mini-games!
  • Monotonous tasks

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