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If you like basketball and have a certain age, NBA Jam is a classic of the 90s that is sure that you will remember. In this game, which was one of the first to offer licenses of the NBA, you could play with the cracks of the time with a most successful arcade system.

After more than 20 years Windows Phone you get a clone of the original game, a carbon copy of that classic that although it retains graphics then and all the players roster, has some other problem that should improve.

The era of Pippen, Olajuwon, Johnson and company

NBA Jam Classic, which emulates the version Tournament Edition (which appeared on PCs and consoles of the era) offers you a system of game 2 against 2 in which you can choose between the best teams in both conferences of the NBA, East and West.

In each team, you control two of the cracks of the time. For example, if you decide to choose the Chicago Bulls you'll to Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant, and if you prefer to The Los Angeles Lakers play to James Worthy and Vlade Divac.

An absence which is noticed in this spectacular rooster is that of Michael Jordan, but problems with the use of its licence at that time made that do not appear in the game and therefore not in this version.

As good arcade game that is, NBA Jam Classic does not have an infinite number of ways, if not everything is concentrated in Parties short so that you pass to the action with a single touch of a button. This reminds us of the classic sports games of the era, pre-NBA Live and pre-FIFA: us was enough to play a game with friends, without dense modes career or other frills.

Is everything under control?

NBA Jam Classic also retains the gameplay of the original, which flees from realism to focus on the spectacular, with Matt and impossible jumps. With a few touches, you'll move the players and use the pass and shot, and nothing more.

Despite a simple control, this version of Windows Phone is not as optimized as it would like. The game features a remote control touch well marked on the screen (imitating a pad of the time buttons) but that does not always respond to our actions, making at times NBA Jam Classic a little unplayable.

At the graphic level, NBA Jam Classic is a carbon copy of the original game, with their era graphics 16-bit a very showy colors. These not only graphics not seen last of fashion, if not that look charming on the small screen of a Windows Phone device.

Nostalgia can be improved

NBA Jam Classic is a game of test mandatory for all those children and teenagers of the 90 who grew up playing the arcade of Acclaim. Graphics and controllable players make us recover those golden moments of American basketball... but we need a little more.

Despite their good packaging, NBA Classic has a much improved control, in addition to one of the graces of the game was to enjoy it with friends, something not possible in this version to include only being able to play with the machine.

  • Essence of the original game
  • Return to play with the cracks of the 90s
  • Improved controls
  • Without multiplayer

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