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Nokia Xpress is a browser for Lumia and Windows Phone whose main mission is visiting web pages with the lowest possible data, battery and time consumption on your part.

Faster and with lower consumption data

According to its creators, with Nokia Xpress can Save up to 90% of data per page. This is possible because the program servers, which compress the information on each page to serve it more quickly, in the style of Opera Mini.

In case outside little, Nokia Xpress leverages the features of Windows Phone to offer you fast markers by way of tiles, a mode Magazine to view your pages better enhances and an RSS reader integrated with very good taste.

Quick in Bing search, the saved pages offline and immediate into ten languages translation are other advantages that make Nokia Xpress promising browser for the mobile Lumia.

A minimalist browser

Nokia Xpress is a very comfortable browser use. It is minimalist and optimizes much space of the mobile phone to display as much information as possible.

The only thing that we have found have been some bugs with certain pages. For example, on Facebook sometimes I like button is not visible. Moreover, it is a sober browser, without great fanfare, but very effective.

An alternative to Explorer

In the absence of Firefox and Chrome for Windows Phone, Nokia Xpress stands as a serious alternative to Internet Explorer. It is minimalist, too simple at times, but so much optimize data and battery consumption. In our tests we have been able to notice it (although not so much as the author).

  • Spectacular performance and consumption
  • Mode magazine
  • View pages offline
  • RSS reader
  • Integrated translator
  • Rather simple layout on some websites
  • Only on phones and Lumia

Nokia Xpress screenshots and videos

Nokia Xpress reviews


UPDATE NOKIA 301...: I have the nokia 301 and that nokia would put you more apps (already comes with watshapp, fbook, twitter and youtube) with updates. I like your keyboard physical and speed of web browsing (above all downloading opera mini 3).

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