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Opera Mini is a web browser for mobile phone designed to help you surf the Internet in the convenience and high speed of your phone.

Equipped with features

The most recent version of the small program takes much of his brother's desk. Therefore, if you are enjoyed by using Opera on the PC or Mac can now also enjoy on your mobile with Opera Mini.

For those who like to tinker with things, Opera Mini will love it, because the program is packed options. You can alter the quality of image and font size, the orientation of the screen, and there are a variety of privacy settings. As you might expect, it is compatible with bookmarks and browser history. Opera Mini includes support for sharing links through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

If you are very active in social networks you will like lafuncion of Intelligent page from Opera Mini 7.5, that gives you a good overview of the latest activities in the social networks that you use.

In contrast to the latest version of desktop, Opera Mini does not support extensions. This is a pity, because it would be great that the developer could add features to the browser through third-party plug-ins, as in Firefox for Android.

Fluid user experience

The Opera Mini user interface is very easy to use. The Application Center is the speed-dialfeature, with the that you can set shortcuts to your favorite web sites. As in the desktop version, offering thumbnails of websites to make things as clear and simple as possible.

Opera Mini uses an interface based on tabs, which means that you cans loading several pages at the same time simply by clicking on the arrow and in the upper right corner. Version 6 includes the ability to Open links in the background, with only hold a link and selecting 'Open in new tab'. The long press is compatible with other functions such as editing a dialing and copy and paste.

Other navigational aids include the characteristic AutoComplete in the address bar, and a toolbar search integrated.Unfortunately, this search bar is only compatible with Google and is not customizable with other search engines.

Consult the pages with Opera Mini is a delight. As in previous versions, you can choose to view the web page entire screen or simply touch to zoom in to an area in particular. The latest version includes support for zooming, pinching, whenever you have a multi-touch device that supports this function. If not, you can gradually expand.

Opera Mini load times are as impressive as always, thanks to the technology of representation on the server of Opera. Compress images and graphic elements before delivering them. This makes the pages to load faster, and is ideal for those who pay by KB data rates. If what you want is a web experience on a high, then try the Opera Browser for Android, not compressing the pages as Opera Mini, and that is compatible with HTML 5.

The verdict

Opera Mini is still one of the most efficient mobile browsers, open pages quickly, but without skimping on features.

  • High-performance
  • Dialing feature
  • Easy to use tabbed browsing interface
  • Many options
  • Function AutoComplete in the address bar
  • Good support for older operating systems and low-end devices
  • Add-ins are not supported
  • It does not support HTML5 or Flash

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Browser Opera, Grand: Very good browser, fast and with 70.. 75% compression rates It allows multiple tabs, quick marks, control of privacy etc.

luzbil jaramillo

very useful program: It is very good program to search page and information and applications for java and windows mobile, so I recommend

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