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Another League, which faces two soccer simulators par excellence, FIFA 12 and 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is red hot after the release of both titles.

Konami has implemented this year special efforts in improving the artificial intelligence of the players that we do not control and, above all, in the game team. This results in that game in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 experience is more fluid and the players move in a more intelligent and real.

Another aspect that has also improved in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 are the animations of the players, although there is still way to go and still looking more sharp than the of its rival Max, FIFA. Moreover, both the graphics engine and the design of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 menus have not undergone major changes.

In terms of game modes, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 maintains the classical Master League and will offer exclusive three European competitions at the highest level with official license: Champions League, Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup.

Multiplayer online Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 continues to offer the sensational Liga Manager online, without a doubt one of the strong points of the game.

  • Improved control system Teammate
  • Improvements in artificial intelligence
  • New game Football Life mode
  • New glasses with official license
  • High-fidelity the appearance of players
  • New dynamic training
  • Something sudden movements
  • The demo features some graphic bugs

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 reviews


is good nuy juice no tube problems: buenicimmo no tube problems works great m

tijeras el guapo

excellent game: excellent game is the best in the world for me and my friends jjej


Is premium?: A good game but I have a question.When I download it.Download it premium or non-premium?


If ahy some football that don't demo game : EH if I wanted to ask you.. .on the subject of demos if ahy algus game of football that don't demo thanks


Excellent: Today I played from 5 till 1 in the morning with a friend without words. the finger hurts but not us cansabamos!


PES 21012: excellent game in this new edition... the graphics excellent... now just hope October... xD


This very good also brings better teams than the 1 demo: exxelente I had the 2011 haora this this better besides the pes is much better than FIFA: D.


Excellent game wonderful perfect best of history: That wonderful game is fantastic I loved sincerely the gameplay graphics goals everything is really perfect I have no words this game is the best of all my life I have no words to thank you konami and who worked hard in this game sooo perfect fifa is not also the probe side of pes miiil a miiillon of thanks for this game my dream will buy it and have it as soon as you start October... Eeeeellll juuueeeeegoooo eessss peeeeerfeeeeeectoooooo!

Remy Zero

Almost no open games Softonic or error or x else: Well the game is excellent but my only PC a softonic game thing and unable to open


Nice: going down, it looks good but I think that it is not full, climb the full!


Disappointment: There are too many words! So far we have reached Lords of Konami, is a so bad that it offends the true followers of the saga pes and winning eleven! Do not assume my money another year by an unfortunate product! I happened to fifa although pay more, the product is of more quality! This game blows apart completely the advertising slogan of LIDL ´´la quality is not expensive, not be engane´´. Maybe if gentlemen quality is expensive and you pay. In order to try and comment. a hug to those disappointed like me


PES 2012: excellent game, has good dynamic, good dribbling, good graphics, more colorful, but says that Peruvian teams there, as for example in PES 2011 are teams JUAN AURICH ALIANZA LIMA and UNIVERSITARIO DE DEPORTES; in contrast here does not say that, or at least in the videos I've seen teams do not look.


It makes me feel player wow!: The vision of the game is as real as if it were watching TV at the same time as is could be part of the team as a player or as the excellent technical director.

jaj jaj lucas

This very buenoooooooooooooo: in the end... is a cute jusgo dynamic movediso is better the games on computer passes there is better mobility chau...


bad suerteeeeeeeee: Google Chrome is a browser very fast and simple. As soon as you install it, it opens instantly and without having to wait as it happens with other browsers. The problem that Google Chrome has is that it may be too simple. In addition, Google Chrome has its own extensions, the quantity and variety do not reach the Firefox. For example, his version of Adblock Plus (call Adblock +) is limited when it comes to block ads if we compare it with the extension for Firefox. Either you can customize the appearance of the extensions as it is possible with the Firefox. The main problem with Google Chrome is privacy. You use the search engine you use, sends information about your browsing to Google; Anyway, if you use Google concern for privacy is somewhat limited. In conclusion, if you use Google as a search engine and are looking for a simple and fast browser Google Chrome is worth a test. If you are looking for more than that, better that you choose another browser.


the best: well I think q this game looks better from the q I crey hope to see it soon in Venezuela to play it


I don't want to offend lovers of PES...: In my opinion, FIFA 12 had a great vision, add more leagues, many people now plays more FIFA 12 because they added their leagues and favorite teams, example "I had not jugsdo fifa never, but now that added to the racing of my loves the master!""this is one of the millions of users of FIFA 12 uqe is satisfied with the work of EA SPORTS." Truth I've noticed multiple failures in PES, the most visible are in graphics, also that only has a League, the Champions League, is the best and best known, but also needs the League BBVA, which plays FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, needs many more things to make it perfect, for example, in PES your can take goals and goals and goals something unreal, encambio on FIFA 12, realism is that it is easy to stay 1-0 or 0-0 sometimes, but you can do things more real and the graphics are incredibly superior. In short it is better FIFA 12 :)


pesso2012apolcalipto: mmmm... psss there is... worse is nothing... is not q is very good but pssssss q will you do if not nothing I apart from this... pense q for being pess 2012 the year of the Apocalypse, ivan to leave a little stadiums destroyed... or q stadiums is ivam open when one is playing... jajajajaja... no lies I liked.. .this excellent...


Very good: Many mistakes few graphics for little powerful systems as that seen in the resolution lower game and the most high's computer


failure to improve: There are players coming from your doorstep to the counter and you can score the goal is very easy this pes. they must have superjugadores to make it more fair game


the same old: It is always the same updated templates, a slight improves graphics and already, the only thing that changed was the vision.

El Real Swaqqer

The best game in the world and the best company that is Kanomi: It is the best game that I seen in all my entire life, with the best graphics, greater jugavilidad and best football boots on the planet some as the nike and the adidas f50 adicero


Not so good the truth: Their fans put it as the best game ever, but... you have to install patches because it is poor of equipment, licensing, updated templates, I better buy the pes 2008. To pass the time is OK, not buy it for consoles.


Terrific: Sper xvr much better q FIFA, the movements are more fluid, the gameplay is better and xvr idea to choose a real player and make your story

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