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Rayman Festival Run is an endless racing game starring the popular Rayman.

Run and jump never before had been so much fun!

If you liked the previous game, Rayman Jungle Run, you'll love this sequel, which offers more of the same impeccable game careers and jumps.

The idea of Rayman Festival Run is through a series of strange and wonderful levels in different worlds. As you run, you glide, and go through the levels, you have to collect yellow creatures resembling bees called "Lums" that are scattered through the levels. The Lums not only function as the currency of the game, but to collect many helps you to move on the map of the world and open new worlds with more levels.

If you collect all the Lums of a level (which is not easy), unlocks a special version of the level where the design and position of the wicked is different.

Rayman party Run introduces the concept of patterns, which you have to defeat when they appear at various points in the game. This adds an extra dimension to the game and injects even more fun. I liked especially the giant Piranha chasing you in a not-so-subtle parody of Temple Runby the level.

There are a lot of elements that can be unlocked in Rayman party Run, including the different characters and AIDS, such as hearts that you protect from damage and lines of race, that tells you the fastest way to get through a level. These improvements and new characters are paid in Lums which, of course, you can buy with real money, as well as win them in the game. It is not necessary to make in-app purchase to Rayman party Run to replay levels to earn more Lums isn't any nuisance, because the game is very fun.

There are a lot of achievements to unlock and Rayman party Run online leaderboards, as well as the ubiquitous option to connect to Facebook.

Jump from joy

Rayman party Run controls are not difficult to understand. After pressing "Go" at the start of a level, Rayman (or the character that you're playing) will start automatically. Your task is to touch the screen at the time just to make the character jump over obstacles and climb walls and other objects. Rayman party Run includes an attack button to eliminate the enemies.

Although the controls are easy to master, Rayman party Run becomes difficult to play at times due to the "endless" nature of the race in the game. Sometimes you will find yourself trapped beneath an object while display moves, leaving you without having to go. It may also occur that you take a wrong and regret can not go back in the game.

Sometimes you would like to see that Rayman celebration Run was a simple platform game, but on the other hand, the endless career adds animation to the challenge, so it is difficult to imagine that you would be better without it.

Aires latinos

Rayman party Run sounds very good, with the height of Rayman Jungle Run graphics (is not surprising since it uses the same game engine). Developed by Ubisoft, actually has adopted the theme of Mexico, which is reflected in the levels that are covered with chilli and hats and Mariachi music to die for. In general, the experience is so impressive that you actually feel it as if you were at a party. In fact, Rayman party Run game is better than many parties where I have been lately.

What keep the party...

Rayman Festival Run is an elegant and addictive game that exudes fun. If you don't like this game, you have no soul!

  • Vibrant, full-color graphics
  • The soundtrack gives you want to get up and dance
  • Fun, addictive gameplay
  • Many levels
  • New characters and promotions to unlock
  • AutoScroll can be frustrating

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