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Remote Mouse is an application that makes possible something that many have dreamed about: turn your Smartphone or tablet in a peripheral of your Mac or PC to control it as an intelligent keyboard or mouse.

Remote mouse can replace the mouse or trackpad with your Mac or PC, turn it off to distance, control some applications... All this distance, without wires, using the WiFi connection using both computer and mobile device.

More than a keyboard or mouse

Although the name of Remote Mouse refers to your Mac or PC mouse, this application allows you to do much more.

As mouse, slide your finger across the screen of the mobile device, Remote Mouse move the cursor across the screen of your PC or Mac.

As a keyboard, you can write thanks to alphabetical keyboard and the keyboard number dedicated, ideal this last to work with spreadsheets or similar.

But Remote Mouse is also a remote control to control the playback of iTunes and Keynote.

In addition, Remote Mouse will show you the icons of the apps and open programs on OS X and Windows to change window directly. And in OS X, you'll see all the Dock icons.


Remote Mouse is a very easy to use tool. Once connected client and server applications, using its functions a breeze, because you only have to move around the horizontal bar of the mobile app to hide / show the keyboard, see the alphabetical or numeric keyboard, see open apps, etc.

On the other hand, the mobile version of Remote Mouse will find many options to customize how interaccionas with your PC or Mac.

As for the server for Windows and OS X version, does not require initial Setup and you'll only use it to obtain the IP needed to connect server and client.

Another way of using your PC or Mac

While keyboards and mice/current trackpads are very comfortable to wear, applications such as Remote Mouse added a plus of sophistication with functions like access to open applications, the possibility to remotely control iTunes or turn off the PC/Mac from your phone.

Open and ready

The installation of Remote Mouse is very simple. First you install the app that makes your PC or Mac server and client on your mobile device. Then you ask the server by its IP and type it into the client app. The connection is almost immediate.

That Yes, remember that client and server must be connected to the same WiFi network so that Remote Mouse connect them among themselves.

  • Easy to set up
  • It replaces the mouse or trackpad
  • Remote for iTunes, Keynote
  • The Mac/PC remote shutdown
  • Access to the Dock icons
  • It does not support Bluetooth

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