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Shades is one of those games that is more difficult to explain that play. Based on tactile touches and colors adapts to every type of player and he can be at the same time relaxing or challenging.

Not are other games as well as Threes! or 2048? Perhaps, but read that you tell you what's special Shades.

A question of color

At first glance Shades looks like a Tetris minimalist version: in a vertical screen go falling parts that you should go by placing. At first you might wonder what to do with these parts. Do form figures? Stack them? Do straight lines? A couple of moves will suffice you to understand everything: Shades between colors.

The mechanics of Shades is vertically join two pieces of the same color. This generates another piece of a darker tone within the same range of colors.

Thus, Shades aims to achieve to keep the screen uncluttered putting pieces together as long as possible to achieve higher scores. Do you see very dark lines on the screen? Well, that means you're doing successful combinations!

Zen mode or locuron... you decide!

As other conceptual puzzle games such as 2048 or Threes!, Shades has a gameplay as simple as give tactile touches on the screen. The challenge is having enough mental agility to move each piece at the point just the screen and at the right time.

But do not worry if you are a novice in this type of games, since Shades has three levels of difficulty to suit every style of player. So, if you only want to relax viewing fall colors parts you can get the easy way. If you want one more challenging test medium mode or the hard.

In terms of its graphics, Shades makes use of minimalism, essential to focus on the gameplay and not distracted by anything else. Their random colour palettes make that whenever you start a game you do not know which color you are playing. This feature makes that in addition to an entertaining game, we are facing a unique visual experience.

The paragraph sound something heavier, is because music and effects do not change according to the color and can result in excess repetitive, something of what Sin many games in the genre of puzzles.

A game that is your tone

Shades is easy to play, but you can keep hours hooked by its continuous challenge to the Tetris like the relaxing resulting see fall color chips. No doubt if you love the trend of minimalist puzzle games you will enjoy with this title.

  • Very addictive
  • Simple gameplay
  • Relaxing as well as challenging
  • Repetitive sound

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