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Skype is an instant messaging program popular for offering phone calls.

With Skype you can chat with friends and acquaintances, talks of voice, video conferencing and making calls to numbers of phones at affordable prices.

Skype offers many more features such as voicemail and sending SMS. In addition, the quality of audio and video is very good, provided you have a good connection to the Internet.

  • Easy to use
  • Text, voice, and video conversations
  • Good quality of picture and sound
  • Calls to phones
  • It is not compatible with other networks
  • It requires a good bandwidth

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Skype reviews


skype is great: Skype is simply fantastic, I have not downloaded yet but I'm going to download it and I have seen videos where you can use calls to talk to others and more things ultimately can not miss you on your computer


New Version at the end!: Very good and best you have upgraded skype which had been long without any support! like the skype for mac, good news!


It doesn't work in Linux Mint Maya.: I installed it in Linux Maya and consume all the RAM and swap using the camera leaving frozen computer having to use alt sup control to turn off the virtual machine I tried to install it in different ways and on two computers with the same results. Not advised to install version 4.0 in Linux Mint Maya. Looks a lot like the 2.0 version and changed only the name because it does not seem at all functional version 4.0 for Windows.


Skype, something that is VITAL in 1 pc: Well this wonderful free program serves up to the juegooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos, at least in windows 7 and xp sp3


A REAL LUXURY: Easy to install, at least in ubuntu, there is no doubt that a step is more Linux have this type of popular web programs, fast and versatile. Video, chat, calls, etc.


You can not miss on my software: Easy installation, easy to use, powerful and stable,


Audio and micro solution: For which still still face a problem with Skype Linux. A possible solution to the problem of the micro: I've tested it on Linux Mint Kde 4, comes by default as Manager of Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) audio and not Pulse Audio supported in Ubuntu 9.10. Work Skype Let's Kmix, open the audio mixer and configure the channels in the Preferences option, select master, front, surround, center, lfe, PCM, DIGITAL and INPUT SOURCE where we select Front MIC. All must be upwards (maximum).


Good program but...: Windowz I know that it is an excellent program but now I'm on Linux and I do not know how to install it I didn't want to open another blog in the Forum, but I need to know how the program is installed please help


Useful both in windows and linux: On windows, it is excellent, progressing at their own pace, with minor modifications. in linux, finished out, room for improvement, but excellent. Hopefully keep it progressing programs in linux, such as skype makes it.


It seems to me to be super: I like very much, and as you come saying all, worked well in the previous system and linux too, although it has cost me to install it (the truth is that at the level of computing I am very pelao, almost illiterate). Or by skype.


Use it a lot: Find it me very useful, simpler than windows, that Yes; but it gives me everything I need for this type of communication


Your friend most true VoIP: If you have broadband, Skype is presented as the free alternative - for now - of pc-to-pc calls, and of course, pc to phone. Remember that within a few weeks, the option of voice that include some popular instant messaging programs will be eliminated. Thus it happened to messenger in windows live, as well as Yahoo and Google.


Skype Linux: Very good software for voice over ip, the quality is better than the software such as msn messenger (windows) and soft style 5, is still in beta version cuseeme video conferencing so lacks some options that is included in the windows version, but it is almost to be an essential program


Excellent in Linux: Works great on linux. This new version fixes lots of errors, improves sound quality and offers better support in terms of language translation. The downside: still does not support webcam as version 2 of skype for windows. I have used as an alternative to skype the wengophone or openwengo is free software but not listening well. The openwengo supports multiple protocols and webcam, as well as a very attractive interface in version 2 but I have not managed to set up the sound. If someone gets him to say it, because I always prefer to use FOSS that owner as in the case of skype. Well, skype, stable and good software but still lacks many options like skype's windows, example: webcam. A greeting.


Not updated!: In windows, skype has brought better functions, in each update. But in the linux version despite being very stable (like any program running on linux), it did not bring many changes in the last update. In fact it has no video and contacts search facilities are reduced.


By skype: Ojala continue progressing on suse 10.3 is Pearl


Skype (the Revolution): It works great on linux. I have implemented it on my machine and great!! We hope that the list of programs for linux amumente users more every day.



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It makes calls via Internet through a GNOME interface

Free English Download


(Cliente) Beta 22 3.0.0

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Communicate with your teammates or enemies of battle

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Gizmo Project
Gizmo Project

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Alternative Skype free standard SIP-based

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Version Open Source of being, a new SIP Proxy

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Customer VoIP and video conferencing for GNOME

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2.1 RC1

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Communicate via voice, video or text with people from all over the world

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