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Skype Qik, the first app independent Skype, not only takes the world of conversations and messages of video but the fate of ephemeral messages as Snapchatapps.

The partner of Skype

The story began in 2011, when Skype bought Qik online video streaming app. While this app disappeared into limbo, has now risen (three years after the purchase of Skype by Microsoft), converted into an app for video messages.

You want to fill a void in the main Skypeapp, which does allow leave voice messages if the receiver of the call is not available. In this case, it allows to record video messages that you answered when you can, something akin to a WhatsAppvideo version.

Video to gif

At startup Qik, will you ask your phone number and a confirmation by a code that is sent by text message. Then, you can now start to record videos without any other complicated registration process.

Skype Qik has a main function: record videos to send them to your friends. To do so, you can use the main screen or press the red logo and large which appears while you are talking (and click on the red logo to stop recording).

Each video has a limit of 42 seconds, and be both a person and a group of friends. It is worth mentioning that, not being integrated with Skype, can only be sent messages to contacts that is on the agenda of the phone, not to the Skype. If your contact does not have Skype installed Qik, will send you a link by SMS so you install the app you can watch the video and start talking.

It is also possible record small video (Qik Fliks) to let them prepared and send them if you have little time, if you want to respond quickly or simply to send funny responses.

Skype Qik videos are arranged as conversations in messaging apps, and when you click on one of them, are the videos that you have shared with that friend or group.

If you delete a video created with your mobile, you will be cleared of all persons who have received it. The videos are automatically deleted every two weeks, in any case. Although there are no functions to save the videos of SkypeQik, probably appear apps that facilitate it, so the erase function and efficiency are to be seen. The best, just in case, is not to send what you don't want others to see.

Very fast, in effect

Record videos is as easy as pressing twice, one for recording and one to stop recording. Send videos involves choosing the contacts in your phonebook, simply. Alternatively, you can record videos from a conversation, and the participants will be sent instantly.

Record and send videos is very fast, and switch between cameras delantera and back while you record is also very simple.

Flower of a day?

The video messaging is not a new concept, with which apps because they offer something similar, as a Glide, so is hard to see how it could highlight Skype Qik. While it is easy to use, sends and receives fast videos and allows group chat, do users really want an app only to send video messages?

Supported by a big name like the Skype and with the videos, each time key in sharing messages, it has more chances to succeed. But Skype Qik could also finish as another one of those ephemeral appsthat disappear while their users leave.

  • Record and send your videos quickly
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Allows you to send short videos as GIFs
  • Option to add to groups
  • Allows to delete your videos from mobile phones that receive them
  • The idea is not original
  • No extra options
  • External apps could take advantage

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